Drawing a raven || Animal drawing after a long time

in GEMS2 months ago


Even though i love faces, sometimes i get tired of drawing portraits. Those time i try to draw animals or environments, but environments are extremely complicated and animals are close to people. Its pretty much the same. Draw sketch, flat color, shade, do details.

Among animals i love to draw crows/ravens. I am not sure if they are the same.
So, today, i painted one, i was actually trying out this new brush set, one of them is are named as pencil and it has such a nice texture to it and i used it for both the sketch and the details. I have to say that i really loved it.

I will have to see if i can do good with this brush in a portrait painting.

Here are some layer by layer shots of this drawing:

Screenshot 2416.png

Screenshot 2417.png
Screenshot 2418.png

Screenshot 2419.png
Screenshot 2420.png

Screenshot 2421.png

Reference image used for this drawing