Digital portrait painting || Learning value and color

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I can't explain exactly how much bored i am. Its like i am dying of boredom.... I have been just lying down on my bed for the last two or three days.
So i picked myself up and threw myself on the chair and sat down to draw something. I am still super bored by the way.

Here are some process shots of this painting:

Screenshot 2344.png
Screenshot 2345.png
Screenshot 2346.png
Screenshot 2347.png
Screenshot 2348.png

Screenshot 2349.png

Here is the Reference image used for this.


That's pretty cool. Great job!

thank you

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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thanks @ashikstd for curating

A pleasure.

Awesome work as usual!👍😲

thank you

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hehehehe I hope that the boredom has passed, when I feel like this... I go and listen to music and I start to see illustrations by many artists plus that serves as inspiration, do it I recommend it to you. ;)

I like your illustration it looks very fresh and cute, great work as usual.