Plants from my garden: wonderful Santa Maria │ Daily and Fresh 📷 (1/366)

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Photography of my property.

Photography has always attracted me. Although I am not an expert photographer (I am less than an amateur hahaha), there are challenges in this branch that have always captured my attention.

One of these is that of the friend @gamer00, a great professional of this art that I admire, and that consists of posting daily a fresh and new image that you haven't published anywhere else.

This is Daily and Fresh. I am pleased to join this beautiful daily initiative, I hope to be as persevering as my friends @sacra97 and @mllg.

You can check the blog of @gamer00 and there you will find all the details.


Here I present to you my wonderful Santa Maria, making my debut with her in my Daily and Fresh.

Photography of my property.

Yesterday began the rains in my country (I am Venezuelan) and the plants in the garden became beautiful, very fresh, and in their green color that attracts and makes you smile. One of them is Santa Maria, a very leafy plant with an exquisite smell, with its leaves I make a delicious lemon tea every night. It has a very relaxing effect and helps you to sleep peacefully.


Thanks to @gamer00 for this beautiful initiative and to my friends @sacra97 and @mllg for inviting me to join this challenge. I hope to persevere and be as good as they are in the daily publication.

Life is about enjoying everything you do with the same joy that life gives you in moments and around you. Eternalizing the moments in a photograph is one of those ways. Be happy capturing each moment, smile and just enjoy doing it.


Thank you for taking the time for this reading.




All the photographs are my property.

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Wonderful beginning with a medicinal plant with many benefits, I love your beginning a tour with a plant that on other occasions you have told us about the preparation you make with its leaves and its benefits. The friend Jaro @gamer00 will love your tour, he is excited to see how his challenge gradually gains more followers. @marybellrg

Maravilloso comienzo con una planta medicinal con muchos beneficios, me encanta tu comienzo un recorrido con una planta que en otras ocasiones nos has contado la preparación que realizas con sus hojas y sus beneficios. El amigo Jaro @gamer00 le va a encantar tu recorrido, le emociona ver como su reto poco a poco gana más seguidores. @marybellrg

Gracias, mi hermosa, por apoyarme siempre, gracias a ti, me inicié en este bonito reto del amigo @gamer00. Me parece muy divertido y relajante, procuraré cumplirlo completo como lo hiciste tú. Un abrazote y feliz comienzo de semana... @sacra97