Various Photos From Along A Cycling Trip

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The weather was quite nice for the last day of September. It was 15 C despite the completely overcast skies. I was out in a t-shirt and shorts. I took some photos from along the way.




That old tractor was in the yard of a private home. I couldn't go and take a photo any closer.


This pasture has sheep in it from time to time. There were signs warning that entrance was at one's own risk because of the potentially aggressive rams.


Nice colors



I was hoping that those horses and carriages would make a full round. But they didn't.



This is where horses are washed.






Greeted by a living paperweight at home


Great place 👍

Yes, it is.


I am always amazed at how much that resembles Michigan! Even down to the same amount of colored leaves.

Interesting. I suppose it does. I've used Google Maps Street Views to tour Michigan a bit. It seems that the southern part of Michigan has a clearly greater proportion of broadleaves or deciduous trees in general. Also, in photos taken in the summer at midday, there seems to be more light. I've noticed that in southern Europe. Even in Austria in July I just had to use sunglasses. It was too bright whereas I can get by without at home. I guess it's the difference between being situated between the 60th and the 70th northern latitudes and the 41st and the 47th latitudes.

I also took a look at the northernmost town in Upper Michigan. The trees there were mostly coniferous. Looked more familiar.

But yes, the progression of the fall seems to be at a similar stage judging from your photos. Your climate is much more continental than ours. Hot summers but also cold and snowy winters with thick enough ice cover on the small lakes for it to be safe to walk on them.

I like your pic 👍