The Finnish Way Of Drinking (English Subtitles)

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The Swedish comedian Robert Gustafsson nailed it in this one. His Finnish is gibberish apart from a few words like "saatana", "perkele" but he's got the sounds exactly on point, which is a big part of why this skit works so well.


That was the funniest thing I have seen this week! Thank You!
I watched some Finnish movies, and Finns seem not to talk a lot. Even when drunk. :)

These days people talk on the radio and on television so much that I'm beginning to find it annoying.

You mean more than 10 words per hour? :)

More like 1800 to 3600 words per hour.

Really? Some Finnish guys don't use that many words in a entire year, I assume... :)

What I like most about the Finnish people is that you laugh with us. All my Finnish friends have much self-irony.

Television sketch shows tend to be about ourselves.

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Gustafsson's impression is spot on. There is not a hint of foreignness in his accent.

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