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I know how hard it is to be: sometimes you feel the master of the world, sometimes you have the impression that nothing can help you rise. You are a strong but vulnerable man at the same time. It impresses one's tragedy, but you revolt when you feel alone has brought you to that situation. And in your soul there is a heavy fight that consumes you. Say what you think, but do it without harming others. Do not be afraid, because the drop that fills your glass will make you, then, rush and say things you regret.


I still know you have a craving to find new things, to climb to the heights of success, but most of all you yearn for love. You like to look tough every time, but you can hardly wait for two arms to "soften" your soul. it's hard to find you half, because others often have the feeling that you do not have feelings. It's not bad to be cautious, but sometimes it would be good for you to let go of the wave. You take many risks in life, but you want the love and loyalty of those around you to be safe. You know very well that nothing is safe, so why are you still looking for certainties?


Your attitude intimidates others, but never think of changing that. You will make people around you want to exceed your limits, think of new ways to outrun and evolve, and such a role must never be changed. It is important that in times of hardship you show to all the heart you have, because you would not be able to abandon even an enemy in need.


Search for people who, although I see you are anxious, eager to dominate sometimes aggressive, I understand that there is much more to you. And show them with confidence your delicate side. Over time, you may understand that you are a complex, exciting person who deserves to shine from all angles. You should not hide anything, because none of what you say or show can break you, just to strengthen you!

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