Behind The Photo Contest - Issue # 8 / Knowing and visiting the Venetur hotel- Cumaná @ mariela53

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Hello to all the friends who are part of this great community.

It is a pleasure for me to attend the invitation calls of the BEHIND THE PHOTO contest sponsored by @nelyp and backed by @appreciator. This is my 2nd participation.



This Venetur hotel, formerly called Hotel Cumanagoto, located on Av. Universidad- Sector los Bordones. Cumaná - Sucre State, Venezuela, is a very attractive, recreational place, and is especially characterized by exotic landscapes that are pleasing to the eye to delight in those natural beauties that pervade there.

In 2014 I visited the facilities of this hotel with my family, it was a pleasant and unforgettable day, observing the natural beauties that are still preserved there, some animals, flowers, trees, etc., also sharing with the family that it is one of the hobbies That I'm passionate.

Every moment captured with the lens of my camera is unforgettable, why? we met as a family and we began to remember that visit, so pleasant that we made to that hotel, we had a great time. We observe the faces of joy of each one of the members of my family as sister, brother-in-law, my daughter, nephew, faces that reflect joy.

In the areas of this hotel we enjoyed with the family, at that time the 2014 soccer cup was held, where we watched the game on the premises of the hotel in the restaurant area, we experienced the excitement, the adrenaline caught us and we shouted with joy, We will never forget that day, those memories will be kept in our memory and in my personal photo archive, which we will always look at as family sad memories of a happy past, which we always want to remember.

Currently in my beloved Venezuela, it is difficult to visit this site, because of how expensive it is to enjoy the facilities, on that occasion, we were able to have lunch, snack and enjoy the soccer game.












Photographs: They are from my personal file. The camera used at that time was HP PHOTOSMART. Country: Venezuela City: Cumaná Sucre state

Grateful to the jury for the work they have been doing and to @appreciator for supporting these initiatives.



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