Crows The sharp intelligence bird

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Amazing facts about crows

The scary appearance of crows has always been the beginning of the formation of many legends.
Many people consider crows to be evil and a symbol of death.
Even hearing their voices may not have a positive effect on the listener, but there is a lot left unsaid about them.


Smarter than a chimpanzee

Undoubtedly, crows are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth.
The fact is that they are even smarter than parrots, owls and other birds of prey.
Research has shown that crows are even smarter than chimpanzees.
Crow brains are relatively larger and more developed than other bird species.

It is interesting to know that the anatomy of a crow's brain is somewhat similar to that of a human brain.
The language of the crow is a really complex language and every murmur has a different meaning.
Research shows that some of their sounds are alarming, some are imitations of other living things, and some are related to the occurrence of a particular event.
Crows are very social.

Interesting and amazing tips about crows

Crows are like chimpanzees in intelligence and will not forget the face of someone who poses a threat or danger to them for at least 5 years.
In general, these birds have a precise memory of the human face.
Crows are able to tell the difference between a kind face and a dangerous face, as well as alert danger to their species.
This means that when these birds are in trouble, they inform their friends of the danger.

The presence of crows in nature removes many harmful substances from the life cycle. As the saying goes
If crows leave the environment, that place will no longer be a place to live.


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