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RE: COVID-19: "Post-COVID World," Losses Mount, and now "Phase Four?"

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Food shortage is the next step. We have already seen headlines saying not to expect seeing much meat on the shelves in the following weeks. It will be the same for fruits and vegetables as the migrant workers from Mexico were not allow to come work. Therefore Canadians will soon see the effects of the lock down.
The current situation was described accurately in a movie made by Peter Joseph back in 2008, Zeitgeist Addendum. What seemed like a conspiracy theory them, starts looking more real now.


Yes @lymepoet. Any time the "Almighty State" decides to step in to the marketplace is a bad idea, from my perspective. The remarkable complexity and interrelations there are well beyond the reach of any bureaucracy to effectively and efficiently manage it.

Their attempts, to "charge ahead" anyway to fulfill their promises to "save us," always result in determining the "winners" and the "losers," as I briefly allude to in this post.

There is no historical evidence of which I am aware that proves otherwise. Failing to "learn from history" we are "condemned to repeat it." It is pathetic to me to witness the ongoing political "back and forth" going on, in an effort to pretend otherwise ...