Artificial Sky

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Artificial Sky

From underneath the trees we watch an artificial sky we built.

In an effort to hide and forget all that lies in the unknown.

As we have been seeking revenge from them for letting us out.

And giving us this mesmerizing blue and black wall to make up for it.

Looking to exploit a known loophole that dictates our every thought.

And they sure did; and we agreed to give up our weapons and surrender.

It was all a matter of perception; you are free if you can't see the bars.

And so, we were easily and willingly distracted by the beauty of it all.

Indulging in good memories and sadness for it all being behind us.

Refusing to let go; holding on no matter how hard it may be.


The people of the world kept walking in circles with no purpose.

Trying to find the answers in an endless cycle of life and death.

Trapped in a world that was never what it seems to be.

Thinking they have every reason to never worry about the future.

A future that was never granted; a road that may remain untraveled.

A thought that alleviates all the pain we have been carrying under the sky.

An artifical sky that always seeks new beginnings in the darkness.

Perpetually spinning in a Universe of sights unseen.

Always waiting for the end to come and bring a new era of hope.

Which will then give its place to another one, and another one.


The very reason you need to learn to enjoy the simple things in this journey.

As life was always meant to be simple, but in the most complicated way.

Two sides of the same coin that complement each other.

Making it hard to believe what you can't see with your own eyes.

And even harder to ignore what you can feel with your own hands.

The very reason why the shape of reality depends on the way you perceive it.

And constantly shifts as you allow your horizons to expand.

Enabling oneself to eventually see the truth for what it really is.

A constant battle between all we are and all we ever wanted to be.

An extreme deliberate misinterpretation of silence and its consequences.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Content by @lordneroo
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