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One of the challenges when on-boarding people to register on a website are the steps that a person have to go through before they can have a fully-registered account. Some websites are very much straightforward, and they may only require a few steps for the user to complete his/her registration. Some are not though, which have procedures that test the user’s patience before the process can be completed.

I am just talking about regular websites, probably signing up for a new email, or in a cloud service, or in your favorite online store. But if you take a more technical matter to understand, blockchain for instance, into the conversation, that’s when on-boarding new users become much more difficult, both in the process and making them understanding the whole concept.

In Hive, it takes some time for my friends to fully grasp the technology. I myself, even I was the one on-boarded them in the previous (Steem) blockchain before, am still learning as I navigate through Hive. While I am in the process of helping them migrate to Hive (as most of the Tribes they post too have moved to Hive), getting new users to register can be a pain.

I still don’t have enough Hive Power to create account credits for the people I am going to on-board. Good thinga service such as HiveOnBoard is available. Created by @roomservice, it provides a quick and easy process of registering a Hive account. All you need is a mobile phone number for a code verification, which is becoming a common step when creating online accounts.

With HiveOnBoard, you can register a new Hive account in less than 5 minutes*. I will show you how easy it is to register an account, so you too, can easily on-board your friends and let them contribute to the growing content vault of the Hive blockchain.

*Time may vary depending on the delay the confirmation code is sent to your mobile phone


Go to HiveOnBoard website.

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Just type in your desired username and it will tell you if it is still available. If it is, you'll see a check symbol after your username. Just press CONTINUE.


It will then give you your master password. Better to copy it somewhere safe by downloading the text file. Just click DOWNLOAD BACKUP. Then press CREATE HIVE ACCOUNT.


The next page will then ask you to provide your mobile number. Remember to give the right country code for your number so the code will be sent to your phone. Press REQUEST SMS.


The system will then send you a 6-digit code. It should arrive in the next minute, which you should enter in the next screen. Then hit SUBMIT CODE.


Then you'll get a welcome to Hive message on the next screen. You can start using your account by selecting any of the Decentralized Apps (Dapps) on the lower part of the screen.


There you go folks, I hope you learn something today. I will finish this tutorial at this point but in the next coming weeks, we will cover those Dapps and how they function in the Hive blockchain. Feel free to give your feedback by commenting below.

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