Let's welcome 5 New Hivers from Greece

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Hello everyone

I want to introduce you to some new faces that joined our blockchain the past few weeks.
All new users are from Greece and I really love to see the Greek Hive community expanding.

People who live in "poor" countries like Greece will sooner or later discover the HUGE potential of our blockchain and how they can earn a passive income for their online activities. This of course requires collectible efforts from everyone so please do your part and invite/educate new users.

Enough about how awesome our blockchain is, it's time to meet the newest members of our community.



Marios is a dancing school owner with 4 Guiness world records under his belt.
He loves blogging about finance, mining and many more!
He is also the CEO of Cointree, a Group of people who aim to educate Greek citizens about blockchain tech, crypto etc.

Show him some love at his introduction post :


@elenimelene is a general doctor, dance teacher and mother. She loves photography and she is really really talented at dancing.

You can check out her most recent video bellow and tell her what you think :


@aimilios is an aromatic plants cultivator and .... my father! Hahaha!
He loves sharing photos showing of his plants and fields on Facebook.
He asked me if he could do the same on Hive so I helped him sign in, showed his how things work and boom, he shared his 1st post about his Greek biological oregano.

Drop by and say Hi :


It's been a month since @puellacreativa joined and she is on FIRE.
Puella is a Teacher of classics, Mother of 4 kids and she loves everything that is pretty much art-related.
From DIY stuff to Sewing and Crocheting, @puellacreativa can do anything!

She has already shared a lot of awesome post so I'll leave a link with my favourite post of her bellow.

If you are into art, @puellacreativa is the one you MUST follow :


Me and @nicklasgr live in the same city and he is a great guy.
He loves playing pc games, computer stuff and travelling.

Nick actually figured out the whole sign up proccess and how to join communities and post by himself so I am sure he will be a great asset to our community.

He has already shared his introduction post with us so go show him some support :

5 more Greeks started using Hive and the numbers just keep adding up! The Greek Hive Community will soon be a force to reckon with.

I believe that the most important goal of a blockchain like Hive is to be recognized by everyone even if they don't actually use it.
The more people hear/read about Hive, the more likely it is to sign up and start using our ecosystem.

It is up to us to promote Hive to the masses so start sharing your work on other social media platforms so we can raise awareness about our blockchain.


Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys. As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

Find me Here

🏡 Hive: https://www.peakd.com/@knowhow92
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Great post!
Thanks for mention us :)

It was my pleasure @elenimelene!

Thanks a lot m8!
And thanks for all your support and advice from day 1.
You are a great leader to our community

Thank you @mariosfame! I am more than happy to help!
You know where to find me if you need anything 😉

My #posh Tweet :

Thank you very much for your support through my new journey to Hive!! I am more than grateful to you and to my brother @dikayskate because he literally "pushed" me into Hive and everyday I thank him for that!! You are really a leader to this community and there is so much to learn here!!

It is my pleasure to support such an awesome content creator like you @puellacreativa!
Yeah, @dikayskate is an awesome dude! He knows what he is doing even though he is still a teenager ;)

Thank you soooo much bro for your good words!!

A loving welcome from Germany to the new people from Greece! Reading through your post and seeing what these five are interested in and want to post about, that showed me the strength of Hive: you can do here what you want, there is a niche for everyone and every interest. And most of the time, in these niches you can find people just like you :)

My thoughts exactly! I read a really well-written blog by @cmplxty today talking about how awesome it is to have so many people with different backgrounds in here!
You should take a look at it when you have the time :

Thanks for the mention dude! Dropping another comment on this but wanted to thank you for the shout out!

Anytime man! I really enjoyed reading your blog :D

Awesome dude! I’m so glad that there’s a growing community from Greece on here. The important thing is to have someone that’s a natural leader in their side, yourself! You’re doing an awesome job with the skate community so you’ll also be able to be a very important person to the Greek community that’s growing on here. It’s just a matter of time before people learn that they can make money online in places like this!

I’m really excited that I’m already following 4 of them but the last one you posted is getting a follow from me just now after I check out his introduction post!

Keep up the awesome work you’re doing man, we need more solid people like you on here!

Thanks man! I do no consider myself a leader but I love spreading the word about Hive to all people I know!

The hard thing is not to convince people signing up but to help people find their niche here and be active. That's where communities comes in and that's why I believe communities are the future of Hive!

I wish more people would support niche communities but I guess it will happen from in the future. Communities must receive way more support than they have right now in my opinion.

It's really hard if not impossible for whales to support all users but it becomes way way easier if communities receive support cause the curating "job" is passed to community leaders and the numbers are "split".

Sorry for my English, I think you know what I mean though ;)

A belated welcome from me to, to all of you @mariosfame, @elenimelene, @aimilios, @puellacreativa and @nicklasgr! Wishes for a great time and loads of fun and value here! 😺