Greek Independence Day (25 March) with F-16 Fighting Falcons flying over our heads ( COVID-19 Thoughts)

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What's up everyone?

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It a National Holiday in both Greece and Cyprus today.
As Wikipedia mentions :

The celebration of the Greek Revolution of 1821, less commonly known as Independence Day, takes place in Greece, Cyprus and Greek diaspora centers on 25 March every year, coinciding with the Feast of the Annunciation.

25 March, the feast day of the Annunciation, had been chosen as the day of the start of the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

The day is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus. Usually celebrations include parades and other celebratory events on the same day or its eve.


No celebrations this year though. I personally do not agree with student and military parades as a form of paying respect to the fallen who did all of these for me and you to be free. All these money they are wasting every year could as well be spent to inform people about what happened back in 1821 through festivals and speeches but out government prefers to celebrate in a more "war-like" environment.

And that's a ton of money

Let me give you a hint. The fuel costs of flying an F-16 is around $15000/hour. Let's say 10 of these are doing rehearsal flights 3 days before for 3 hours/day before the final "celebration" flight.
Using simple math the cost for their flights in USD is :

10 Planes x 3h x 3 days = 90 Hours of Flying

90 Hours of Flying x $15,000 Fuel Cost/h = $1,350,000

The prime minister of Greece Kirgiakos Mitsotakis (aka Coolis) announced yesterday that we will be celebrating Greek Independence Day with 2 F-16 flying all around Greece.
These F-16 are doing rehearsal flights since yesterday.
By using simple math again :

2 Planes x 3 hours x 2 Days = 12 Hours of Flying

12 Hours of Flying x $15,000 Fuel Cost/h = $180,000 (approx. ‎€162,000)

All these money could be spent in supporting Intensive Care units all over Greece but NO. We are sitting quarantined while fighting Falcons are flying over our head. It's like a f*cking war zone. The last thing I wanted to hear is a fighting plane doing circles over my city.

Why is this happening?

Could this be just one more way to convince people that we are at War with and invisible enemy as our prime minister stated at his latest proclamations?
Only time will tell.

I am not really into conspiracy theories but my guts is telling me that something fishy is going on with this global COVID-19 and I hope I am correct. Some selected few "Beautiful people" are become wealthier every second.
If I am mistaken and this is indeed such a big deal, well, we are FUCKED


Thank you all for reading my friends. Feel free to add your thoughts at the comment section bellow!
Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORLIFE

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