Water drop painting

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Hello Dear friends.
how are you??
Today, I will present you the instructional clip of painting water drops.
As you can see, it's very easy and very few tools can be used to paint them.
The image below shows the tools used in this work.

  1. Automatic white
  2. Ear cleaner or paper eraser
  3. Article b6
  4. pencil eraser

First, start shading a piece of paper with a pencil
Using an eraser, erase a small circle in the middle of the shadows
Using a pencil, shade part of the circle like butter.

Use the ear cleaner to fade the shaded area
With a b6 pencil, create the opposite side of the butter like a shadow
With a white pencil, create two small white shapes as shown in the photo
You can now paint a large number of these drops in different sizes.

You can watch the educational video of this painting on my YouTube channel.
Thank you very much for your look.
I hope you like it.

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Very realistic, good job, as always @khodadadpoor.art 😘

Thanks ❤️

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This is nice. Will try to make this soon:)


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