This Is For Me, For You & For The World

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Do you know why we still see a lot of people that are struggling to have a roof over their head every night?

What of those that only manage to have one meal a day just because they can't afford to be eating three meals?

The list of things that are going wrong in this world are endless and anyone that is in the business of pointing fingers will say that it's because;


  • The politicians are stealing public fund

  • The teachers are not teaching with the right syllabus

  • The business men are hiking price of goods.

Etc Etc

Well, I'm not in the business of pointing fingers so, instead of looking for who to blame for the things that are going wrong, let's talk about what you are ready to do in order to make life easier for the next generation

I know that nobody on Earth is too comfortable in any position that he finds himself. This is why everyone are still searching for and exploring opportunities consistently. We all are always getting involved with activities that promises to give us an improved standard of living.

You can do these things but don't get involved with any activity that will make life uncomfortable for the next generation. Don't step on people's toes. Does run from people that are in need of your assistance.

You don't need to be a president in order to make life easier for others. I also know that you don't need to give someone money before it will be seen as an act of kindness. We have a lot of bloggers here that can have a positive impact on people through the words that they outline on their posts.

Don't wait!

Start doing things that can make this world a better place for you and I.



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Thanks For that.

I really appreciate it.

This beautiful message right here is you spreading the word and giving to others. Not only money is an act of kindness. Even love, protection, knowledge etc are all instruments of making the world a better place. Nice job.

Exactly.... We can use whatever we have to make this world a better place without necessarily waiting for a miracle that have never happened before to happen in our presence.

Well Done ✅

This is very amazing and true by the way.
Many tend to wait for the politicians and the to people to create change that we need to see, to.heal the world and many other fundamentals, forgetting that we can do something even from our little corner!

Anyone that understands this the way you explained it will always be a change agent and people around him will be able to attest to that.

There's really no two ways about this so, we all know the right thing and we need to step up and put them into action

Nice one!
Yes, it isn't until we are the richest person on earth before we can lend a helping hand to someone out there.
A simple act of kindness can change the world.

Exactly... We may even see if as a little act of kindness but the people that are benefitting from it will take it as a life changing benefit which is coming to them through us.

We can do as much as we can if we truly care about others

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I agree partner, it is not about complaining about this or that, but about asking ourselves what are we doing, what are we contributing to change things? and begin to carry our grain of sand. Greetings from Margarita, Venezuela.

Yay! 🤗
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