The love Is Real But Sharing Is Not An Option

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Spreading word about any good thing that happened to us have always been a huge part of human nature. We don't mind inviting people over to join in the celebration of our birthdays, promotion, marriage and so on.

I also believe that we should rejoice with those that are rejoicing and mourn with those that are mourning. That is what life is all about but there is always an exception.

What if these people do not share their burden with us?

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What if they do not want to see us passing through the same pain like them?

I never would have thought of this but l'm now thinking of it and it's all thanks to this wierd dialogue between Emmy and his special one.

I've been dumbfounded since I witnessed this conversation between Emmy and this chammy lady that have been visiting him since seven weeks ago. This is her 7th visit in his 7th week here but the lovely Emmy that always appeared with a smile was nowhere to be found.

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He had a very cold look on his face which made me to wonder if he had an episode with other inmates. He is not really the type to pick a fight with anyone and he is known to be cheerful and kind but the look on his face was completely different.

He walked into the visitation room, looked at his Chammy lady straight in her eyes and said;

I believe that I have had enough of you and this is the right time to move on with our lives. I don't want to see you here again. Let's breakup!

He was very blunt in his statement and he sounded like a true murder. He stood up and left the visitation room while the lady sat on the other side of the transparent glass that separated her and Emmy. She couldn't hide her confusion as tears drizzled down to her chin.

What did she do to deserve this?

She have been very supportive to her fiance even after he was framed and convicted for murder. She actually looks malnourished because she have been skipping her meals and have been crying herself to bed on many occasions because of Emmy's situation.

I didn't miss anything in their conversation because it's part of my job as a jailer to listen and have it on record but what l never expected was to see that Emmy was also in a pool of his own tears outside the visitation room. He cried bitterly outside the visitation room and it was very clear that he is also as heartbroken as her chammy lady.

I became curious. I wanted to know why he made such decision. It was actually a complacent effort from me because l hardly believe these prisoners

My work made me to stop believing what these guys on orange shirt and shorts have to say. Prison yard is filled with crooks and none of them ever admits what they did so, l never gave any prisoner my trust but l couldn't stop myself from approaching Emmy so, l walked up to him.

He tightened his lips but upon further enquiry, he broke the deadlock;

He opened up to the fact that he was also holding alot of feeling for his lady but he just didn't want to be a burden to her. He didn't want her to feel the pain of seeing him in prison so, he decided to end the relationship.

He saw it as an act of love and a way to channel the thoughts of his fiance towards using her youthfulness to explore other options instead of waiting for him for a whole 7 years of jail time.

Does that also count as an act of love?


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Wait.. You formed the story..

That counts as a heart of love too. This kind of love is the one that he is happy to see his partner happy even though he is not in a better condition.

I love this story and its good that you made a reference to the original article you wrote.

It was not an easy decision to be made but he decided to pass through the pain of losing his loved one in order to save the lady from years of worries, pain and loneliness.

I've had several opinions on this subject and I got to learn a lot about love and some sacrifices that people make for love.

Well Done Bro