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in GEMS3 months ago

I believe that l can now see why you are pushing for this newbie initiative and you are putting a lot into it. Don't want to see any other passionate newbie that will be discouraged because of how hard it is to start from the scratch

It is always very discouraging when someone comes into a new site like this without getting support from anyone. Your brother also didn't make it easier for you.

It's good to know that you still stood tall and persevered till you reached your current current level

Well Done Bro


Thanks a lot man. Yeah, it's true that I don't want to see any other passionate newbie leave because of lack of support that's why I brought up this initiative.

Moreover, I hope I get more support towards it and the initiative would be big enough to contain more newbies and render out more support.

I would try my best to keep being very active so I can help others as well. What I do here is also what that keeps me going.

Thanks again for coming by.