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RE: (ENG/ESP) Energy Refill Contest Round 10 --- There is no evil that doesn´t come from good. | No hay mal que por bien no venga.

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Wowww... This is a very deep look into your life since the beginning of the pandemic but the most impressive thing about all this is that each one of them have a good news that we can hold on to and sing unto the Lord.

For you to have given birth at that when the pandemic was very viral and widespread without any issue to your baby or to you is a very memorable thing to remember. Your baby is growing and is already 10 months old so, rejoice and be glad while waiting for the good news that will happen in this 2021.

We all will succeed


It is certain friend, I knew to take advantage of this situation to give all my moments to my beautiful girl and to my home, that respite of the busy life that brought, brought calm and serenity, which I share daily with my small family, every day I fall more in love with my daughter, and like all I wait with anxiety that all this happens, I know that many blessings will come for all.

My dear, you are doing so well and I like the fact that you are seeing this in a positive angle because that is very important

Don't bother about any other thing. Just be the best mum to your baby.

It's good that you already making waves online and this will help you to have a more balanced life in the nearest future