NEWBIE INITIATIVE; My Target For This Month

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Hello People

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I'm still enjoying my status as a newbie under the Newbie initiative that is organised by @starstrings01 and it have been a thrilling experience both here and in the smile discord channel. The channel is like our classroom where we all interact, learn and also support each other.

Anyone that is interested in seeing what goes on in smile Discord channel can CLICK HERE

As a beneficiary of this initiative, l received my first task and l'm here to put fingers on my keyboard and write out "my goals for this month of January". It's going to be the first of many that will be coming from me and l partitioned this into 3 areas according to the Instruction from @starstrings01 which are;


1. The amount of followers l would like to gain by the end of this month;

I'm barely 2 weeks old here but it's also long enough for me to know how to gain followership - Not just any type of followers but quality follwers.


It's all about quality engagement and l have been able to gain 38 followers. I will also like to have at least 50 quality hivers as my follwers before the end of the month.


2. The Hive Power that l would like to attain by the end of this month

This HP really gave me a huge scare when l first came into this platform because of how it hulted my engagement and left me to be wandering from one post to another without be able to leave my footprint (comment) there. All thanking to @shadowspub and @starstrings01 for the HP that they delegated to me.

I received a total of 125HP delegations and l have been able to earn 25HP.


My target is to have 60Hp by the end of the moment. I need to be active in order to achieve this and l will try as much as possible to do so.


3. The number of comments that l would like to make by the end of the month

This is the most interesting part of Hive because l like interacting with creative writers and dabbling around their comment section in order to enjoy all that they have to offer.

So far, l have been able to make this much number of comments;


It's much but l know that l can do more if time permits so, l will like to have 500 comments to my name by the end of this month.


In a nutshell; below is a drop-down of my target

  • Followers: 50
  • Hive Power: 60HP
  • Comments: 500 quality comments

Click Here to see more about this initiative and the benefits attached to it.

All images are screenshots from my Hive blogpage.
Dreemgirl divider is credited to @penderis


Okay woot that's not bad I didn't know you're doing so well and the targets are achievable so best of luck you can do this +_+

Hey girl! So this is where you are hiding? Not fair 😔😁

Heheheh... You Leo Finance baby 🤣

So, you tracked this post all the way from

Thanks Alot dear

Yes, you do dabble around comment sections with mini-post comments! 😂

Your goals are achievable, just as I know you will even surpass them! 😉☺️

Hahaha... I can see that you are already finding your footing in this place and this means that you will do a lot of great things when you join the initiative in February.

Lolll... You may even outgrow the requirements needed in order to be qualified for it but there is no cause for alarm.

Continue doing what you do best.
I dey your back 😋

oh! this was something I really didn't know, and I was quite worried, thanks to your publication I now understand a little more about this, now I know that everything is achievable with a little effort

excellent publication ♥

Thanks Alot for reading a nice meaning into this work of mine.

The interesting thing is that I was able to achieve this despite a limited time which I have and I still hope to achieve more within this month and in the forthcoming months so, everyother person can do the same

Well Done Dear
Remember to seek for my guidance if you are confused about anything here

Sending you a present 🎁

I'm really honoured to be getting this much from you. Yes, l received your present and l'm honoured by your act of generousity.

Thank Buddy.
I will try to grow well here so that l can do the same for others

You are the kind of people I like to see at the platform and I see you already bringing a good vibe so I want to encourage it :-D
Hope you pay it forward cause you are gonna be considered an old timer in a few months. I spent 2 years below 2k Hive so you are doing really well already!

Nicely written man. I loved the way you arranged the goals. 50 followers at the end of the month is just perfect. I believe you will make a 100 HP by month end which is possible if you blog often. 500 comments is magnificent.. Way to go man, success to you.

Thanks Alot for your support despite the fact that l have been slacking off and l have been inconsistent. Your patience and trust in me will always be on my mind.

Thanks Bro.
I will work towards achieving more than l mention above.

Okkuurr🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️. This is very beautiful. I was just passing by when I saw this. I am still wandering about right now like you did. I'm barely a week old here and slowly getting the hang of it. Great goals you've got. I know you'll achieve much more.

Hahaha.... Don't be a wanderer na

Loll... You are pretty much a newbie so, keep your ears to the ground for the next batch of Newbie initiative that will be taking place in February.

Well Done

Your targets and goals aren't bad at all. Wow, you have already gotten 38 followers and you will be topping the list by the end of the month, way to go!
I wish you all the best in this goals.

Thanks Alot Dear

I really want to do more but l wouldn't like to place my hands in a place that seems unattainable. That notwithstanding, l will still try to do more that that if time permits.

You are already flying high.
Well Done

Oh I see. It's good not to place your hands in a place that seems unattainable dear.
You are flying with me lol

You're a hard worker you basically will grow in no time. It is actually very difficult but you'd grow because you have the vibes.

Thanks Alot Bro.

It's really difficult especially when l'm seeing that what l give people as boys is still running at 0.000000½🤣🤣

Woww... I'm patient enough so, I know that things will be Okay. Thanks for always dishing out your support.

O really appreciate it

Wish you success in your journey ahead.

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Hahaha... I got another long comment from cross culture community and l will always be grateful by this visitation.

Well, l'm already a member and l have gathered the pictures that l need in order to make an entry for the latest contest which it's deadline is tomorrow.

I will make my entry tomorrow and l hope to be more active in this community

Very good, good luck!

Thanks Alot buddy.

I wish you well in this place

cool target. I wish you the best to achieve those target.

Thanks Alot Bro

I'm also trying to do well in this.
You can join the Newbie Initiative next month.

Oh okay. Yeah I will do so

Hello, you will surely achieve it, I like it when you refer to quality followers, I say loyal followers haha, we continue to meet here, a newcomer, a hug from Margarita, Venezuela.

Hahahahah... You know, I got to understand the importance of having people that really appreciate your work as your followers when I started blogging last year.

It won't be fair to have 5000 followers when they do not even care about checking up on me once in a while so I always prefer to have those that would always check up on me and read through my post instead of just being there as Followers.

Thanks Alot dear.
It's good to have you here

Let's do well and also help other Newbies that will be coming after us