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Greetings to you all and to my fellow colleagues that are also enjoying their status as a newbie in the Newbie Initiative. We still still have 10 days before being promoted so, let's continue to do our best at all times.

To everyother newbie that is reading this, l have a question for you;
Have you heard of this prolific initiative called "Newbie Initiative" ?

It's an initiative that was started by @starstrings01 in order to reach out to as many newbies as possible and also to guide and support them until they are deemed fit to work adequately as Hivers. Everything you need to know about this initiative is HERE so, check it out.

In line with the recent task we received as participants in this initiative, l will be giving my honest opinion about the initiative.

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Mine, just like that of my colleagues, will also be partitioned into three areas in order to make my point clearer.


I was able to find out about this initiative on 1st January, 2021 which was just a day after l signed up to be a member of this platform. The thrill of dabbling around the communities that exists here made me eager to be an active participant in them.

I'm sure that l'm not the only newbie that had this feeling after signing up but this fire that burns in our heart can easily loose it's flare if we do not have know the right way to do things in this place. That's exactly where this Newbie Initiative comes in. They invited newbies to join Smile Discord server so that they can easily get answers to their numerous questions and also receive support on their quality contents.

Being a part of the newbie initiative helped to speed up my adaptability in this place because all the questions that popped up in my mind were answered satisfactorily and l also received alot of support from the members. I still have a couple of days to spend under the initiative but l'm already seeing the impact of the initiative in the things that l do here.

The initiative is yielding fruit and the reason for setting it up is being achieved. That's all that matters.



  • The initiative have already delegated 50HP to all the beneficiaries
  • The Newbies are also advised to encourage their colleagues by visiting the posts that they make in hive.
  • Alot of updates are also being made in Smile Discord Server about contests that are going on in hive.

All these count as a way of supporting the newbies and it have been very instrumental to the growth of both the initiative and the newbies that are part of it. I also believe that somethings can be done in order to further support newbies. They include;

  • The Smile Team Needs To Follow Up The Work Of Each Newbie After Giving Them Guidance;

I have seen some newbies asking questions about how to use tags in a post, how to use multiple language in a post, how to do crossposting from another platform and also how to use free-to-use images in their post.

The goodnews is that they receive guidance about these and they are answered satisfactorily but their post need to also be visited consistently by those running the initiative so that they will be sure that the newbies applied the Instructions properly. It will be easier to find out errors made in the post of newbies and guide them towards correcting it.

The reason for this is that it will not be nice for the reputation of this initiative if someone that have already passed through it is still dealing with issues related to copyrighted images, crosspost or wrong citation.

  • Bringing Those In Smile Discord Server On Board.

All the newbies that are already part of the newbie initiative are opportuned to be receiving a visitation from @starstrings01 on any quality post that they make daily. He may not be able to meet up with this because he also have a life outside the virtual world so, it's understandable. I have also seen some members of the team doing the same in some occasion but I believe that it's time to get everyone involved.

The server have 372 members as at when l was writing the post and l believe that at least 30% of the members see whenever a newbie drops a post in the room that is specifically meant for Newbies Post.


If these active members interact and support the newbies and those that are participating in the initiative, it will also be easier for the beneficiaries of the initiative to support the next generation of newbies that will be joining the initiative. Its like showing the newbies how to support people through an already existing framework and l believe that anyone that was supported in this manner will love to do the same for others.

  • Shinning Spotlight On Newbies

The organiser of of this Newbie Initiative is working with a team and they are already prolific here. There is also a room where Newbies submit their post so, shinning spotlight on newbies every weekend won't be a bad idea.


Just check the posts that they submitted, in a room that was specifically created for them.


Select 3 posts or any number of your choice.
Create a promotion post and give snippets of what makes the selected posts unique.

This can be done once a week, (preferable Saturday or Sunday) and it will help to draw more attention to the initiative while also helping the newbies to gain more ground so that they will be able to do well after passing through the initiative. Others can also aspire to be mentioned so, it will motivate them to work harder.



This is the part where l have to tiptoe carefully 🤣. Lollll... I haven't been there long enough to know the whole concept of the initiative so, l believe that those that have already passed through the initiative are the ones that will be in a better position to answer this.

That notwithstanding; l will only suggest that it will be nice to consistently pin some tips about Hive in the newbies room

The current way that it is structured is that we learn by asking questions in the room whenever we face any challenge. This is nice but in most cases, newbies may not know the right questions to ask. They may also not be seeing somethings as a problem so, they do it the way they understand especially about usage of tags and other salient things that can help people to grow in hive.

I believe that it will be better for the team to always pin some updates and give guideline on some things even if nobody asked for it.


With all that l have said so far, l still believe that Newbies Initiative is on the right track and it's a nice initiative that all Newbies need to be involved with.

Thanks For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma


Nice job well done man.
I believe you're did a pretty nice work here.
Well the smile. Discord team always try in their human efforts to come an agreeable point to cater for the newbies effectively.
I do one have gained from that and remain grateful

Thanks so much for your words. Moreover, I have visited your entry as well.

Hahah... Eda a Bro

The journey in this new platform was easier because we we aligned ourselves to the initiative and we were able to benefit a lot from it.

Well Done Bro
Let's grow bigger

This is impressive! All your suggestions on ways to improve the Smile discord server is on point. I hope the admins in charge will read through this piece and make some of the points work.

Smile is doing a great work to make newbies have a seamless time on Hive. I commend them.

Sure... We have read through it and been noted for consideration.

Exactly... The initiative is a very nice one and it's a place that makes newbies to feel loved and welcomed.

I hope that you will be able to partake in the next round of the initiative

These are really awesome points and I must say you did well. Your opinions would be looked into. Thanks so much for your entry.

Thanks Alot Bro

The initiative you started is a very nice one and I believe that it will yield more on the long run so continue doing what you do best.

Your act of generosity will never go unrewarded.

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Thanks for sharing these Points, it's a very informative post, happy to have you in hive to learn from,

Hahah... It's really informative.
Thanks Bro

Are you sure this is not the description of the TERMINAL DISCORD

Hahahah... You people are doing well over there but you don't have to be worried 🤣

I will surely reference the terminals when l write something about it

After seeing this, what more do we have to say?
I must say, you listed out salient points here and I am already certain that the team has seen this

Hahaha... Not when I've already seen your write-up.

I'm happy that you also expressed yourself the way you did because that is the only thing that will make the initiative to grow and be more helpful to the next set of people that will be benefiting from it

Well Done Dear

APPROVED fellow rookie, that's right, we have all gone through the same thing, I think the team of smile has done super well, your contributions are valid, take advantage of the time we have left with this delegation, we see ourselves on the road friend.

Exactly Dear.
we will soon be graduating from the initiative but all that we learnt will always be part of us so we need to be grateful for all the good deeds of the initiative

Excellent initiative, kudos to all the sponsors. This is going to help Newbies a lot. i like it.

It's truly going to be helpful and it has been helpful since it was initiated. I'm lucky to be a part of it and I hope that more people will benefit from it on the long road

I want to benefit too, how do i join please? 🙏

Exactly... The initiative is a very nice one and it's a place that makes newbies to feel loved and welcomed.

I hope that you will be able to partake in the next round of the initiative