I'm Still Holding Onto That 1% Chance

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I've always been fond of telling people to wait for the perfect timing before getting themselves entangled in any love affair.

Dishing out this type of advice to people makes me feel like a genius but I never knew that it is easier said than done. Anyone that have never felt that rush of emotions that is associated to being in love may find it hard to understand this.

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I know the truth
I know what l'm getting into
I Know that the consequences will come

I don't need a prophet to tell me that this wishful thinking of mine may end in tears. My wishes were just like those moonlight tales of tortoise and snail. It was a mere fantasy but l couldn't stop myself from hoping for a 1% chance of success.

You know, whenever you see someone that is always very careful before making decisions, you can tell from a glance that the person will not do any risky thing that will hurt them in any way.

That is who l am

Don't get it twisted; I'm a risk taker but l only takes risk when l'm sure that the reward for it will be coming back in 10 folds. I never would have predicted that l will act without thinking twice until l crossed path with this mystical being.

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She is hot like fire!

Yeah, and she is also a prolific heartbreaker that does not stay in the arm of a guy for too long. I smiled and she giggled back which signaled the beginning of our affair.

Everything that happened from that moment of smile and giggles were one sided because l know how much l love her and l also know that she does not feel the same about me.

I enjoy having her around and she enjoy cashing out my currency. There is no sign of a positive turn of event in this one-sided love affair but;

l'm still holding onto her.
I'm hoping for a miracle to happen.
I'm hoping for that 1% chance of a happy ending for this love affair.

Thanks for not missing any full-stop or comma

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A partial love.. Love for selfish gain.

Hahah... That's it.

Unfortunately, when people fall in love with someone like this, only few of them manages to make the right judgement call

I hope for the best outcome for you. Have a great evening.

Thanks Man.

I wish you a fabulous day ahead

Love with benefits😂
Sorry, bro!
While unto your 1% chance, you never know how things would turn out in a di minute.
All the best in this. But then this risk you are taking doesn't seem to return in 10 folds but you are willing to take it lol

Hehehh... It's really a love affair with benefits.

The only issue is that the benefits are not balanced for both parties and such things usually end in tears. Loll... I guess it's one of those things that people do for love

Yes. I see that.
Sorry for people whose cases are similar to this

Yay! 🤗
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