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Are you up and running?
I hope that you are awake
I sincerely hope that you woke up safely

After being on this journey of unconsciousness for hours and walking through the darkest part of the universe, we rise everyday by this time of the day with lots of things on our mind.

We wake up without knowing the exact place that we have been since those long hours of unconsciousness. We just don't know how we managed to repeat this same process every now and then.

Some even open their eyes and whine all through from their bed to the bathroom down to their dinning. They are whining and throwing tantrum because their sleep was cut short by sunrise.

Can you believe that? 👆

I mean, some people closed their eyes the same way that you closed yours but many of them are still lost in darkness. Their eyes are sealed forever and their skin is stone cold.

Well, l might have been one of those that whine whenever l hear the sound of my alarm. It starts as early as 4am to shout;

Bonjour Monsieur Kene 🎶
Bonjour Monsieur Kene 🎶
Bonjour Monsieur Kene 🎶

Whenever l hear that sound, l whine as loud as a grumpy old man and rush towards my phone. "You already know what l will be doing next" 🤣

l'm saying this because l believe that this is something that may look normal but l can still do better than that. I believe that l can accept that sweet sound of Bonjour and wake up with a smile and peaceful heart.

That is how to show my gratefulness to my creator for showing me a new day. That is how to be grateful to the universe for allowing me to escape from the grip of darkness. I will accept that sound of Bonjour everyday as a way to show my happiness for seeing a new day.

I'm also ready to accept all the Bonjour of my fellow Hivers every morning.

Are you ready to accept mine?


Thanks for not missing any full-stop or comma

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If you need some more delegation and a faucet, this website might give you a hand:
Also @droida has an excellent page and service

Good luck ! 🍀

Thanks Alot Bro

I will jump into it as soon as possible because this issue off low voting power is piercing my heart like a needle 🤣

Woww... I also appreciate the fact that you came over to this place in order to give me these guidelines.


You’re more than welcome my friend. We’re on this together.

Yea, I'm not surprised you are one of those that whined when your alarm clock blared at 4am! That's quite early for me.

Bonjour to you too! Are you French? 😏 Thank God for a new day, even though it's the inconvenient Mondays! Ugh 😁

Hahahah... BONJOUR Lady K 😋

This my bonjour that I'm dishing out by this time needs to be embraced with both hands ooo

Today is really meant to be called MONDAY because it threw a lot of activities on my table but I thank God that everything ended swiftly.

Heheh... My alarm clock doesn't care about my whining. Well Done Lady K

Good morning brother. Nicely written, I do the exact thing but just that I am a early to rise and late to sleep as I sleep by 12am then wake up by 4am or before. It goes against my new year resolution but I am working on it.

Hope you have a great day ahead.

Hahahah... I wanted to make that same New Year resolution but I knew that I would be lying to myself because I'm just starting my journey and there are a lot of things that needs to be done.

I've always been the type that sleeps earlist around 12 a.m. so currently, I mostly go to bed between 1am-2 am. The sound of my alarm never allows me a moment of Peace once it's 4 a.m. but I still can't complain too much until I BLOW 🤣🤣

Thanks Bro.
I hope that Monday treated you well

!GOOD MORNING! I sincerely want to spend more time in bed, I have a horrible flu discomfort, I see that you are very positive, I love it, a hug.

Heheheh... Thanks Alot Dear

It have already been too long since I made the post but I hope that the horrible flu which is disturbing you is no longer there.

Please regain your health fully and I'm sure that nobody would make trouble with you if you decide to sleep for additional hour so do it when the need arises

Thanks a lot Dear.

Good inspiration! Everyday is a day to be thankful for.

Ps: when the alarm goes off I read a bible verse from an app then go back to sleep on snooze... well sometimes 😂

Hahahah... This is exactly how sleep lovers are known. it seems like you are one of those that sleep as if you're watching TV show 🤣

You sleep season 1 and jump into season 2 after reading your Bible.

Woww... Thanks a lot for leaving a comment behind. Well Done