Making A Study On Human Eye With Ballpoint Pen (Drawing)

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hello, beautiful morning to all. I woke up this morning thinking of what i can draw and behold, i got the idea of making a study on the human eye. The eye is a very sensitive part of the body which anyone will never want to lose. I made this study with a ballpoint pen in concord paper.

Materials used

  • ballpoint pen
  • concord paper

Time duration

  • 1hr 45min








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this looks very good. i could never get proper form with ballpoint pen shading..... regret.....

You can give it a try. Before i started pen arts, i always feel scared but my first pen art was a very good one which motivates me everyday whenever i see it. Just start with a small piece then you will be suprised with the outcome

I really love how realistic Themis drawing looks. You did a very good job

I am glad you love it and am impressed to do more

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