Mango laying materials are made with plastic bottles for lying mango from tree

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It's summer. The scorching sun outside. And in the heat of this sun, the mango of the tree has started ripening. Suddenly the ripe mango falls from the tree in a little wind and is getting ruined. It is difficult to lying mangoes again. Because the trees are so big, it is very difficult to lying mangoes from such a big tree. So I used plastic bottles for laying mangoes and made mango laying materials.




Using this device, mangoes can be easily lying from many large trees and it does not spoil the mangoes.

It is a truly remarkable material and fruitful. Creating it is not a complicated task. It is very easy to make and anyone can make it easily. For that you need to take a 5 liter plastic bottle and a blade or scissors and a big stick and yarn.

First take a large plastic bottle and cut one of its surfaces into a large rectangular hole with scissors. Then a thick and large stick should be inserted through the hole in the mouth of the plastic bottle. Then the plastic mouth and stick should be tied well with yarn. Then this material was made. And with it you can pick mangoes from the trees.

Then grab one end of the stick and take the other end i.e. the end where the plastic bottle is stuck to the mango. Then insert the mango from the tree into the rectangular hole of the plastic bottle and pull the end of the stick in your hand, then the mango will come inside the bottle and you can easily take it in your hand.




Using this method I cut mangoes from our trees. As a result, mangoes are not wasted and many mangoes can be picked easily. This is a really beautiful material. This tool was originally made by me last year and I took care of it for the next year. So earlier this year I started using the device for planting mangoes.

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