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RE: Blogging Challenge: 10 Facts About Myself

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It's funny that most of the things we think unique to us—are actually not very uncommon.

Definitely -- a few of your 10 facts are mine too! 🙂 I have to focus on this one though: I don't cry when my neighbour dies. But death of a favorite fictional character can send me on a sob-train (Im sorry)!

I'm very much the same way, and I'm sure people think I'm a very callous person because of it, but I'm not. I'm actually very very empathic! But there's something about fictional characters dying that fills me with untold amounts of grief and I will cry, at the drop of a hat, for weeks about it. Not quite so much for real people.

Oh, and I'll focus on this one too! 😅 I often find humor in everything, even if its morbid in nature.

Very much the same way! I even gave the trait to my main character in Half Past the Moonfall. Though it was more of a typically Australian thing: except her own countrymen understood the tendency to turn everything, no matter how tasteless, into a joke, or the habitual sarcasm she had been born with and wore like a badge of honour...


I have a theory for the whole thing. Well not a theory but sort of a guess. I'm no expert, take it with a grain of salt. :D
We hardly know what our neighbors are thinking, their dreams, emotion can be very vague and alien. On the other hand, we know the characters we love intimately. Even if they are written from a third person narrative style, we get to be exposed to some of the most personal thoughts of a character (set by the author) that are usually not voiced in a daily life no matter how close you're with the person, unless they are a spouse. Who wants to express their insecurities and the deepest darkest desires to their neighbors, right?!

We actually know the characters more than we know our family members but in this case, family members has something else far stronger—the personal memories we share with them.

I love sarcastic characters, haha. Perhaps I can relate in a way.