What Happened to K-banti?

in GEMS2 months ago (edited)

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Hello everyone, trust I meet you all doing good?

It been since forever since you all heard from me, and all of a sudden today I'm popping up on your feed. So don't you care to know what have been up to and why you haven't heard from me since over a month now.

Well, if you care to know, I did share why in my video today. Its a 4 minutes long interesting video I shared, trust me. Watch my video to get to know what happened to me!!



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Welcome back mate! Sorry about your health. Hopefully, you achieve all you set out to do this year. Cheers!

Amen! Thanks Nonso 🙂

Welcome back Fam. I'm glad you're back. Sorry about your health

Thanks Man. I'm glad to be back too

Glad you went back to Hive, k-banti! I was worried for you why you didn't write for so long.

Thanks Darine 😊
I'm also glad I'd be able to write more often now on Hive