Today End Of steemmonsters Session card Sharing My Card


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I will discuss with you my SteemMonster session card.

What is SteemMonster:

SteemMonster is an online gaming platform, where you can earn money by playing games. And be able to enjoy gaming fun.

card 1.PNG

My Gaming Profile:

Everyone can come and see my SteemMonster gaming Profile, My Rank, my current position.

How many cards have I received this season?
I have given these cards to me completely free of charge as per my rating. Thanks to SteemMonster. Today I received 50 cards.

card 3.PNG

Now Let Me I'm sharing My Received Card Everything.

Common card 20

  • Rare card 1
  • Epic card 0
  • Legendary 1
  • Gold card 0
  • ORBS 0
  • DEC 223

The feeling of getting a card goal :

Thank you for the cards I received. after a Long Time before Satisfied I got 1 Legendary Card.
card 6.PNG
But this season and my condition is very bad. I got DEC tokens in all the cards. And got Epic. But did not get any gold card or legendary card.
card 2.PNG

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Everyone will pray for me.
Now see My Dec etc

dec 2.PNG

dec 3.PNG

dec 1.PNG

Thanks @splinterlands to make my part time costly.

(About me)


Name: Mohammad Juwel Khan
Career : Student
Experience : I love writing blogs, I love collecting pictures of nature, I love to travel more
Country: Bangladesh
Age: 21

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