GOODBYE TO 2020 | A Year In Review

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Each year on this day we see one year end and the other begin. We sing loudly Auld Lang Syne, wash our hands of the year, and never look back.

But the year 2020 is different. We can't forget. We must never forget if the human race is to survive. This year will forever be remembered in the history books.

In our personal lives, we are forever changed by the occurrences that took place in 2020.

Yes, I look forward to the next few hours coming and going into 2021. However, I can't move forward until I make sure that me and my family know how important it is to remember 2020. We must not forget what it takes to keep ourselves safe, how to cherish each moment because it may be our last, and how to treat each other with dignity and respect. The last point is so important as we head into the new year.

We witnessed complete strangers suffer and were made part of their pain through their families' eyes each day as they mourned their loves ones and retold their struggle and fight to survive. Numerous survived, but many didn't. We said prayers with them.

We witnessed our own families suffer and mourned with them.

We witnessed complete strangers stand or sit in line at food banks, charity donation centers, and churches in search of food to satisfy their hunger. Children by the millions suffered because of family food shortages.

However, we also witnessed the enormous outpouring of love, compassion, and empathy as millions helped each other through that pain and suffering. If you were one of those millions who gave their time, funds, and prayers for the front line workers and all who were in need, I thank you wholeheartedly. It will not go unrewarded. For just as we sat and witnessed others in need, one day it may be us. Never forget that.

Online, I have also witnessed numerous authors pour out their stories in content. They are our families also. Our shared love, and optimism for the coming year was seen as a shining star of hope. If all have this hope, then we will have a better year.

The support I have received in 2020 from all acquaintances on Hive is awesome. Were it not for my FOLLOWERS, Community Leaders, friends, supporters, and others who encouraged me during the year, my journey on Hive would not have been as fruitful. I appreciate all who were part of my success.

I was able to reach level: 69.37
Accumulated Hive Power of: 7,699
Vote Value of: 0.055
Was able to help more smaller accounts.

For this I say:

Image by TheDigitalArtist from PIxabay

And I hope I played a small part in your online journey as well.

I will never forget 2020!

And I wish you and your families a safe new year. See you tomorrow on the other side.

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Wow, how awesome is that! I'm thrilled I was able to do it. Completing the 30-day Blogging Challenge was the key to helping me succeed in doing that.

Thanks for stopping by with my new badge. I appreciate it.


He he, best way to close the year @justclickindiva 🎉

The HiveBuzz team wishes you all the best for 2021! Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 38 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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My goodness, you've had a lot of support from Orcas & Whales to have reached 69.37 in a little over a year. 😳 I've been here just over 3 years and only hit 70 a week or two ago, so you will be passing me in no time.

CONGRATS on all your awesome achievements this past year, and I wish BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS to you and your family in the coming year! 💛

Thank you so much for your support. It was your support also. I started in July, 2019, so it was actually about 18 months. Also, it was my love of fiction writing in the writing Communities. I remember being a Redfish in the Terminal with less than 100 HP. I was determined to see how far I could go in one year posting and engaging weekly. I soon got blog burn out and had to slow down. Then discovered drafts.

But you are correct. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the support of several nice individuals who stuck with me this past year. They're probably hoping I hurry up and stand on my own soon. I can see myself at Hive for as long as Hive is here.

Thank you so much for your support. Let's make a better year of 2021.

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You were an important part of my personal growth and at Hive. Thanks for everything. God bless you, and may you and your entire family stay safe