Bringing my Day activities into account


Yesterday, I woke up as early as I ought to because I had it in thought to travel to the waec office to correct some data. So when I woke up, right away I was once done with morning devotion, I went to the bathroom to brush up and took my shower as well.

I wanted not to clean up the compound Nor attend to the goats nor fetch water for the reason that my younger ones had done that for me already.

So I ate my food, got the crucial files, equipped earlier than I set off for the journey. I board the local transit bus that use to be going to the city.


Road leading to the motor pack

The journey lasted for an hour since the driver wasn't the type that likes speeding up. Although I love it that way because exceeding some speed stages can get one killed. So I relieved tension whilst we tour along the highway.


while on the express road

We arrived at the bus stop after an hour drive, from there I boarded a minibus that shuttles to my destination.

I arrived at the waec department after some few minutes. There at the waec premises, I recalled that I had no longer been with my face mask, so I went to a close-by shop to purchase a new one.

After getting the face mask, I went into the waec office. And the first person I met was once the receptionist who directed me to the area where I could do the data correction.

When I noticed the lady who used to be accountable for this action, I knowledged to her the error I had on my examination name.

And she requested my authentic waec result which I did not come with. so I had to journey back to my secondary college where I wrote the exam to get this waec authentic result.

I went returned to the bus stop, then board a bus that was driving to my hometown.


The was taken at the bus stop

It was already 1:30 pm. so I notion to myself not to go to the school again because I comprehend very properly that they would have been dismissed earlier than I may reach the school.

So when I reached my destination, I got off the bus and went to my home intending to go to the school the subsequent day.
When I reached home, I went into my room to took a rest for some time.

Waking up around 6:30 pm, I was determined to read my books. After that, I helped in the kitchen to prepare the supper.
After I had eaten, I took my bath, then went to my room.

I logged into my Hive account, to reply to feedback and to promote Hive on social media like Twitter and Facebook. After doing this, sleep started coming by. So I went to bed immediately.

And this is how I spent My Day!!



All Images are mine and original

All the Shot are taken by my smartphone Oukitel c21--black

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