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Good day friends, I have decided to write on this today, Let's build Bridges and walls. In life, some people are suppose to link or connect their fellow friends or relations to someone who will assist them but they prefer to build walls in-between. Such is life, why do people find it so easy to build walls than to build bridges. A bridge connects people together and makes them happy and feel good while walls will definitely block the builder himself to others.There are some people who will bring down the bridge and build walls and feel happy doing so.

In some families, the wife has built walls and blocked the husband and his familys. Some women believe the husband is meant to take care of her alone and not any family. Some women will never allow any of her husband's family to visit. This also applies to some men too, they will build walls and will never allow their wife's family to see her or visit her at all. We should learn to build bridges between families, just the way the couples relate to their own immediate families, such affection and love should be stretched to other families. No one moves forward by building walls but building a bridge pushes one forward and creates a good path for those who builds it.

There is a man in our family who lives in the North Central, Nigeria with 3 children and they are now grown ups . He will never allow his children to visit other family members, He makes sure none of his children connects with other children in the family, he has build a big wall in between. He doesn't want anything like family love or attraction. Sometimes I ask myself what exactly does he want to gain in blocking his children from other family members. I believe there are so many things to gain in connecting or Building bridges between families, nothing can be compared to family love.

My late father always tell us not at any point think of building walls in our family, at work or anywhere we find ourselves. You can try to block or prevent someone today but you might need such a person tomorrow. Life is full of mystery.Best friend today may turn to an enemy tomorrow. Anyone who has it in mind to block, create walls or barrier between people is already a prisoner caused by his actions. I am very happy when I see myself as a link between people who needs me, this gives me a lot of joy. It cost nothing.

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