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Good day friends,
Whenever we pray and hoped to receive something from God, we need patience and time, God works according to his own time. Life is full of challenges and God is always there for us.


I could remember , several years back, after graduating from the University, I was very down and prayed very hard to get a good job but the job wasn't coming through. I had to visit pastors and also send CV out. Some will collect the CV and promise to work on it but they will not.


I could recollect, that my first job was with a Construction Company in Abuja, Nigeria which was owned by my Uncle, He told me, we would be going to Lagos for work which we went there and work on a site for more than a month, My Uncle owed me salary and I couldn't wait any longer and left. He is a rich man but somehow stingy, he enjoys when people put in their best but he owed his workers.

After leaving Lagos, I was in Ife for some months and kept praying hard till I got another job at a federal Institution. No matter our struggle, God Should come first and he will never let you down.


I was nothing before but God moved me out of my past and put me in my present position.When I had lost hope, he restored it. Prayer is very good and worked alot but working hard and working smart is very important. Meeting the right people at the right time makes one to move up faster in the journey of life.

Praying hard and shining your face to see the reality. What people expect from you at different times and not doing things the way you used to do them. People should learn to move with time.

Please note that all the pictures are mine and snapped by myself

Thanks for checking my blog

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Wow, you are really a testimony. I'm still in the waiting period and I believe my testimony is coming real soon. But I am still grateful for the little I've been doing.

God will definitely answer your prayers soon.

Meeting the right people at the right time makes one to move up faster in the journey of life.

So true! also even when you meet the wrong people is only to learn from that experiences always try to take the good with you and leave the bad behind.

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