A letter to me in 2019 (situations triggered with happy endings)

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Hi Hivians; This post is to accompany our friend @livinguktaiwan in his kind invitation to participate in this original challenge, if you want to participate please consult the conditions here: . Hello me 2019; You will remember that he had told you that he was very tired, and that he had planned to take a few days off the web to rest, I finally did; Soon I will be back to my usual activities; That was what I thought ...

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After enjoying the two Christmas and New Year celebrations in the company of my family, I went to bed to rest, I was so tired that I did not get up again in four months, the more days passed in bed, the more tired I felt, every day I felt worse, I stopped having interest in the toilet, and I lost the enthusiasm for living

It was my granddaughter who made me react and realize that she was letting me die, that's when I realized that this person was not me, never in my life had I taken so many days off work, never I had abandoned myself in that way; There I learned what the effects of depression were

Do you remember that it was a very hard year for those of us who lived off the compensation of the web, the lack of income, and the delays in the debts stressed me, I know that my body gave me signals, something that I completely ignore; Here I want to take a few words to recommend that you pay close attention to the signals of your body, they give signals that something is not right, listen to them, do not do as I did.

Stress is a disease that nobody gives more importance to, however, it is a disease that causes many complications, in my case it led me to a deep depression; If it weren't for the love and support of my family, this letter, dear 2019, you would not be reading

When I got out of bed I could notice my family divided, I did not understand the reasons why this happened, there I learned of the arrival of this condition that plagues the world; Having gone through what happens, I prepare to face anything, I came from visiting death, what worse thing could happen than that

From bad things you can also get something positive, this disease changed my ways of seeing things, while everyone saw cases due to the disease that haunted us, I saw the opportunity to spend more time together, although spending time together with the family is very good, but without having a containment plan it can be terrible for the family bond

I found in agriculture where to invest the extra time that the family had, this is an activity that allows you to relax your mind, in addition to the benefits you get when the fruits arrive, it is not only very satisfying, it also saves you money, something we needed. The garden united us as a family, we improved our bonds and best of all. There is no greater satisfaction than feeding your family with the vegetables that your hands have planted

The shortage of money led me to repair some things in the home, there I knew I had more skills than I supposed; It was thanks to this that I began to build rustic furniture, without realizing it generated an extra income, which helps us face the high cost of living caused by this condition that plagues us

This year 2020 was a bad year, I have no doubt about that, however, I must admit that it helped us to learn to appreciate the simple things in life, such as tilling the land to obtain food , use your hands to build furniture that other people will find useful, that happiness is in the simple things in life, such as spending time with family, being able to have a cup of tea with your friend, being able to receive visitors at your home

as you can read my year 2019, be prepared to face a year with many over jumping, but above all things, be prepared to learn to appreciate the simple things that you thought were not so important In this environment that awaits you, you will see that these are the things that make life worth living
I would like to invite my friends to participate in this great challenge @sacra97 @truelovemom @yousafharoonkhan


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This is such a great advice from you to learn, experience things in life to be happy with small things we own and spend our best time with families and best friends. Stay strong and be happy. Cheers.

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how are you dear friend @andyjim
Thank you very much for appreciating my words, you are very kind
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day, that you enjoy the company of the people you love

We will rejoice for you having overcome depression!
It is the right time to do it!
Your story is quite inspiring, @jlufer!!!

I was able to thank the family that accompanied me at all times, the manual activities also did their thing.
Thank you very much dear friend @ silversaver888 for the great support and your kind words
Have a beautiful night, enjoy it a lot

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thank dear for inviting for this contest i will take participate dear again thank dear

how are you dear friend @yousafharoonkhan good day
happy that you liked my invitation, I appreciate your participation
have a wonderful day

Qué bueno que lograste superar el problema. A veces nos recargamos tanto de actividades que no nos damos cuenta del daño que nos hacemos. Lo importante es que lograste salir adelante. Te dejo mis deseos porque tengas una Feliz Navidad en unión de tu familia. Un fuerte abrazo desde Maracay.

Como estas querido amigo @irvinc
La familia fue fundamental para salir adelante, sin ellos no lo hubiera logrado.
aprecio mucho tu empatía y tus amables palabras. Muchas gracias por el gran apoyo que das a mis post
Aprovecho para desearte una esplendida tarde

Dear friend @jlufer, I started reading your post and could not stop until I read it till the last letter. I am very happy and proud of you that you managed to overcome your depression and found the ways to make your life. I wish all the best to you and your family in the coming year, and a Merry Christmas, of course! 🎄

how are you dear friend @olgavita good afternoon
It makes me very happy to know that my writing was to your liking, to be honest I must admit that it was not easy, this is a disease that you do not realize about it
I appreciate with all my heart your kind words and support that you give to my post
have a wonderful night, enjoy the company of your loved ones

I understand this condition and know how dangerous it can be. One of my close friends suffered from it, and I myself ones was very close to it. I am really very glad for you ❤️. Have a nice time with your family. Merry Christmas!

I'm sorry to hear about your depression and hardship in 2020, but also glad to read how you turned it into positivity. Your Me in 2019 will no doubt be well prepared to embrace all that is thrown to him in future years. Take care.

hello dear friend @livinguktaiwan good afternoon
I really appreciate your empathy in my illness, I have to say that I came out of that thanks to my dear ones who have supported, when you go through something like this you learn to value the most important things.
Thank you very much for your kind words and support for my post
I take the opportunity to wish you happy holidays

You had to go through a lot that's why today you are so strong and focused. Yes, 2020 was intense and made our life uncertain as well. We all are dealing with this situation in fact still our future is uncertain. But I know we all will be fine and will survive...

I am glad that you found interest in gardening and devoted yourself to it a lot... Merry Christmas my friend...

how are you dear friend @priyanarc good afternoon
The situation was really very hard, but with the help of my family and my activities I can get ahead.
It is true, it is an uncertain year that awaits us, but we have an advantage, we know how we are going to face it.
I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful night, that you enjoy it a lot

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