#LEARNANDEARN Contest Week #22 || What Did You Learn This Week?

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Wow, I'm so happy to have come this far, its week #22 and the #learnandearn continues. This week and this month haven't gone in the direction I expected or hoped for but I'm glad for another new day and weekend. To start up week #22, join me as I share with you that which I learnt in this round.

Thoughts on Air Frying a Steak

from the-bitcoin-dood
Though this is not the first pix in @the-bitcoin-dood's content but this photo talks more on that which I learnt from this post. With the rise in versatility of technology one can't keep up with new techs and machine in the market, never knew that there was a thing like an air fryer. At first I thought it was the regular oven but I got to know that it is different from the normal oven. I am happy to have acquired this knowledge

Day 20 Part 05 Blogging Challenge: Under The Knife


from wolfofnostreet
Liposuction-A bit difficult to pronounce at first even when I had no idea what it meant after reading @wolfofnostreet's post, I had to check out the meaning, you know we learn every day and learning a new word is really amazing. I will give you a sneak peak of what it means and if you want to know more, you can research further. It means removing fat from a specific area of the body through a surgical process.

Dinner Idea : 2 AM Shrimp Scampi Recipe- Simple Dinner To Impress

from macchiata
I have taken a liken to @macchiata's experimental dishes, though this isn't out of the ordinary but a simple and tasty meal comes handy in a busy time and this fits perfectly. I hope you get the opportunity to try this out for yourself and you can see some other amazing meals by macchiata by going through her blog.

Venezuelan puppies.

from jennyzer
To be sincere, this post came as a surprise to me, because I formally know @jennyzer as a makeup content writer but reading through the steps given to prepare this recipe, I would advice you work more on food contents along with other contents. Even though I haven't tried making bread on my own, the steps given here would make it easy to accomplish.

[ESP | ENG] Baked spaghetti. Feeding a Gordelian moment | Baked spaghetti. Feeding a gordelio moment

from mavis16
Here is another recipe I wouldn't want you guys to miss out on, just like I'm getting to know about this recipe, I know some persons never knew that spaghetti can be baked following the steps given in @mavis16 post. I truly love the out look of this recipe that's the more reason I'm sharing it so you can learn another method of preparing spaghetti. I do hope you find it useful just as I do.

For this week, we have three entries including mine and rewards have been sent out. Do read through and learn more from each post.
Post by @princessbusayo
Post by @merit.ahama
Post by @soyunasantacruz

So this ends week 21 of the #learnandearn, lets go over to week 22. I understand why its difficult for you guys to enter the contest, maybe because you have to wait till when the week is about to end before writing your blog and by then you must have forgotten some of your engagements, but you can always recall going through your comment in your blog, there you can find every comment you made which can help you locate the post of each comment. By this you don't need a journal if you are the type that don't use one

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Week 22 contest is open, so start sending your entry. Through your engagement this week on Hive, its a new year with new inspirations. Engage with others on #hive and remember to learn as you do so.

You can enter this contest every week and tell us what you learned that week. Each contest runs for a week.
@brittandjosie did this for 30 week back on another platform and gave me permission.

Tell US what YOU learned for this week, minimum of 5 things and 7 is the maximum


Use the tag #learnandearn ( THATS A MUST FOR ME TO FIND YOUR BLOG )

  • I am the judge, and pick out 3 winners
  • #LEARNANDEARN Contest should be in your title along side any ideas you have
  • Contest runs per week
  • Invite a friend to share what they learnt
  • Deadline 30th April 20.00 CET
  • Engage on each post
  • Place your blog or learning curve in the comments of this blog.
  • I will upvote with my account
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If you make a blog you can use this photo or a free image from pixabay, make sure to source any image that isn't yours.

But I love creativity so surprise me with you own art please.....
Bilingual post are also accepted
I can always change or add rules if I feel it is necessary.

prizes are:
First place - 3hive
Second place - 2Hive
Third place - 1Hive
I myself am excluded from the prizes.
Thank you, don't forget to look at their entries as well.

SO all you hivers GO AND ENTER .....

If you have questions or constructive criticism please
let me know.

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Thank you very much for your words, I'm glad you liked the recipe, the content of my blog is quite varied I include makeup, crafts, culinary recipes even sometimes I talk about my marketing career, thanks for the mention and support. Thanks for the mention and the support. Greetings!

That's really nice, how do you make out time to manage your career with hive

Muchas gracias, siempre es un placer parten su concurso y mostrar lo que se aprende en hive.

Gracias por el premio, y nos encontraremos en una próxima publicación. Muchas gracias @jizzyjoe

You are most welcome dear, so glad you could participate

Yum, baked spaghetti? Never tried that before. I'll check these post out.

I like these selection of posts. New things to learn everyday. Well done and congrats to this week's winners of the contest! 🙂

Its so nice that we can learn different variety of recipe in hive than going in search of them in YouTube

So many weeks already and a good SUCCES and the three entries I will visit asap
Have a great weekend

Thanks so much, really do appreciate your kind words. I hope you learn from the other entries

They are about cooking there is always time to learn some cook tips

I totally agree with you

My name popped up again 💃💃 Thanks @jizzyjoe for this opportunity. Let's look forward to new things we have learnt.
Congratulations to others too @merit.ahama and @soyunasantacruz

Thank you 🤗😉

You are most welcome and congratulations


!giphy Food

Aww I can see my name there, so lucky to be part of the participants who won even though it's my first time of making an entry.

Thanks ma'am @jizzyjoe for this wonderful opportunity, I will try to participate for the new week's edition.

Congrats to my fellows @princessbusayo and @soyunasantacruz you guys did great.

You are most welcome, its always a privilege to receive your entry not minding if its your first or second entry

Yay! 🤗
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