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Its another edition of HIVE CELEBRATES WITH... #72, You feel special and important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
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Sharing my Birthday Celebration! by @raquel19image.pngHello friends of HIVE, on June 6, God gave me the happiness of celebrating another year of life and for me it is a pleasure to share my celebration with you.
This is how we organize my neighbor's birthday by @evelynchacinimage.pngEl trabajo en equipo es más eficiente y más divertido, y quise empezar con esta frase porque así fue como logramos hacer que el cumpleaños #40 de mi vecina saliera excelente (en equipo)
My dads house was almost caught in a fire but we still celebrated his 50th! by @pusenimage.pngMy dad turned 50 just about two weeks ago. We didn't have a big celebration on the big day but rather went out to eat some pizza.


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