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Its another edition of HIVE CELEBRATES WITH... #68, You feel special and important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
A total of 10 post was curated, I can only request that you help the curation to have an impact by following the curation trail here the main purpose of the curation trail is to upvote birthday post, it can also vote other quality content. I encourage you to visit the listed post to show support through comment or upvote.

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CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR by @horlaryhiworlarimage.pngOn this day 27 years ago I was born to this world. Going through all the socialization process and the changing dynamics of the world we live in.
I am alive challenge: happy birthday brother by @mybestimage.pngGrowing up with all my siblings have been something that has really given me joy and peace of mind over the years, though I am married now but the connection between me
How does it feel to be 25/1 on my birthday. by @medicenbeckyimage.pngIt's amazing how much I must have done at this age, according to my past self.
My Actifit Report Card: May 30 2021 by @vaketoimage.pngОстарях с още една година днес и за пореден отбелязахме рождения ми ден подобаващо😉
Happy and thanking him for life and for existing by @karen16image.pngMy posts today is to celebrate with you one more year of life of my Mother, the person I love the most in the world, she was today on her birthday
Some Photos From My Little One's Birthday Celebration by @coolguy123image.pngHe is very fond of marvel's characters and remembers the names of all the characters with Spiderman being his favorite and he wanted to have a Spiderman Costume for his Birthday and here are few pics with the same.
A happy birthday to me by @dwixerimage.pngToday is my birthday. I feel like shouting loud, or maybe partying and painting the town red to let the world know its my birthday.
ATTENDING SIMPLE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION OF MY NEPHEW by @bigmike420image.pngToday, May 30 is the 20th birthday of my nephew Jhon Raniel. He messaged my and invited me to come over to eat for his birthday
Sorpresa de cumpleaños a mi querida amiga. by @lolysaccimage.pngLos amigos son una pieza fundamental para nuestro desarrollo emocional, nos regalan risas y son nuestros compañeros de vida,
Остаряваме бавно :) by @vaketoimage.pngВече на 41...


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