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Its another edition of HIVE CELEBRATES WITH... #54, You feel special and important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
A total of 10 post was curated, I can only request that you help the curation to have an impact by following the curation trail here the main purpose of the curation trail is to upvote birthday post, it can also vote other quality content. I encourage you to visit the listed post to show support through comment or upvote.

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Celebrating Grandma's 80th birthday by @ordosjcimage.pngThis celebration was held, humbly in her country home, an hour from the city. Her children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren gathered to enjoy grandma's affection and the beautiful scenery surrounding her humble home.
Birthday of my nephew Francisco by @angelysimage.pngThis week was the birthday of my nephew Francisco, he turned April 7 but we decided to have a small share this Saturday, April 10 between us since we are in quarantine we must take care of ourselves
My mom had her birthday and that's how we celebrate it - I did something special to her. by @wesp05image.pngToday my mother had her birthday and we treated her like a queen, breakfast was bought by my dad (it's not news because he doesn't know how to cook), I prepared lunch and even so I wanted to prepare a small cake to celebrate her day,
La alegría de ser niños by @reymoya95image.pngHola queridos amigos de #hive en esta oportunidad quiero traer una reflexión de este cumpleaños en plena pandemia y es que ¿cómo explicarle a un niño que no se puede?
EN - ES 🎉Life is an Enjoyment, Celebrating an existential plenitude 🎂🎉 by @amariajose838image.pngDear friends, it is very true that we are living in times of a pandemic which has been very rough for the whole world
🎊🎁 Princess Sophi's Birthday. by @july91image.pngHello my friends at Hive. Today I want to share with you a very special moment. Yesterday was the birthday of one of my princesses.! Sophia from Cumple.🎂🎁🎊
Celebrating my aunt Piba's birthday from a distance by @mayraro05image.pngHappy afternoon my dear hiver, today is a special day because my favorite aunt Yomaira, my mother's sister, has her birthday. On this occasion I want to wish her a Happy Birthday from a distance and send her a big hug from the bottom of my heart
☀My First Birthday at Hive ☺☀ by @rubenmedina182image.pngblessings and many hugs, I thank God for allowing me to add another number to my life account, this you see number 33, if it is already several decades living and leading a normal life like any other person, without luxuries nor wealth, but with strength and health
Happy 86th birthday to my Tatay Panyo 🎂. I wish him good health and ... by @emafeimage.pngHappy 86th birthday to my Tatay Panyo 🎂. I wish him good health and more birthdays to come until he reaches 100+ years old.
Surprise for my uncle on his birthday !!! by @valentinagarciarimage.pngMy uncle a couple of months ago was quite serious since he got covid, he was in the intensive care unit (ICU), we were always positive that he was going to leave there since he is a very strong and healthy man


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