Please Help Me To Get New Hearing Aids🙏

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Hi friends

Sorry I don't have a cryptoart to share this time, today I'm just asking for help🙏

This year has been very difficult for me and besides many things my old hearing aid doesn't work anymore☹

I'm hard of hearing and cannot hear without aids. Many years have passed since I should have replaced old ones as my loss got worse but I never was able to do it as I live in Venezuela and here life is very hard, sadly saving is a luxury that not many people can enjoy. Also I just had other medical expenses🤦‍♀️

I went to the doctor last friday and they did new tests.

So I'm needing a lot of money to complete to get it, hearing aids are expensive plus what I need is a lot in my country so although I really hate bothering people asking for donations I have no choice this time but hope someone cares. Getting it would really improve my life. If you wanna help remember that amount doesn't count even if it's so little each cent counts!

May God bless you and thanks for your support💖👼



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Hey there! How much money do you need to raise for these new hearing aids?

Hi friend thanks for your concern,🙏☄ need to raise $1300

I wrote you a PM on Discord...

Hi my friend thank you very much for your concern and words of support, appreciate it🙏🌼

Hey Jenina! Always ready to help!!😀🤗