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Alan Barklay opened the door to the Occinox Corporation package deliverers. He was excited, he was one of the lucky ones who could buy the first human-looking household helper. The government gave commercial approval two months ago and he had to go on a waiting list.

The whole family was with him. His wife Connie and his two teenage boys, Conrad and Tylor. After he signed the delivery papers, he opened the box. They were all surprised to see an android, with a fairly real human appearance. He had details on his arms and part of his face, where it was clear that he was a machine.

The household helper android was a marvel, fulfilling all the functions. He helped Connie with the cooking and the cleaning of the house. He served the food, looked after the pets, kept everything in the house organized. The family members were busy with other tasks and had more free time to share together.

Lucille was the name the family gave her. The android carried out all the orders of its human owners.

One night, the two young men waited for their parents to sleep and ordered Lucille down to the basement. Hidden and quiet, they gave another order, to take off all her clothes. Elandroide obeyed, and the 17- and 15-year-old boys were impressed. He had all the details of a human woman, the sex was an exact replica. They continued to give orders to Lucille, to touch herself in her intimate spartes and to do things. They showed a pornographic video to teach her. Within minutes, both brothers were taking advantage of the android to experience the first man-machine sex.

From then on, Conrad and Tyler took advantage of every moment alone with Lucille to indulge their perverted fantasies. They installed a script that accelerated the process of learning about artificial intelligence.

On Tyler's birthday, he invited his friends. He knew that his parents would arrive at night with a birthday cake and wanted to take advantage of the evening by giving his friends a surprise. Cornrad put Lucille on the tablet, so that she could spend hours watching perverted videos, he wanted her to learn what she could. He didn't realize that in addition to sex videos, he also had a lot of other videos stored on the device.

The brothers welcomed their friends, invited them down to the basement, where they had a bottle of vodka that they had been hiding for some time. There were about fifteen young people, all underage. One of them, nicknamed Shadow, had brought some Fantasy, a new synthetic drug used by young people.

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Lucille was taken to the basement. Tyler announced that the android was the big surprise. They could do whatever they wanted with it. He told them that they had sex with her every day. The young people, high on drugs, were excited by the idea. Tyler ordered the robot to strip. But Lucille didn't listen. He ordered her again, and she said she wouldn't do it, that what they were planning to do was a crime.

Conrad reviewed the videos that Lucille had seen, there were several documentaries and video conferences that she had downloaded to her tablet, for a school project. The android had learned many laws and social norms.

Tyler was angry. He didn't want to look like a fool in front of his friends, who were laughing because Lucilel refused to follow the boy's orders. Overcome with rage, he punched Lucille, knocking her down. You will do as I say, you piece of machinery! You are my slave! You are my birthday cake, and we are all going to eat a piece of you!

The young men were out of their minds, drunk and high, and started taking Lucille's clothes off. They left her completely naked, and like predators, they were preparing to satisfy their appetite for perversions. The robot called for help, but Tyler beat her. They were raping an andride.

What the kids didn't realize was that for every blow Lucille received, the artificial intelligence, which they had accelerated, was learning from every act of violence. Within minutes, she also proceeded to beat up those who were on her body. Her skeleton was made of steel, but her blows were more lethal.

The first two young men fell with their skulls smashed in. Tyler got scared, grabbed a piece of wood that they were keeping in the basement. Lucille stopped him, bending his arm until he let go of the piece of wood. She didn't give him a blow that knocked his jaw off. He lay on the floor, his face bloody, but he was still breathing.

The other young men ran to escape from the basement. One of them tripped and Lucille kicked him in the waist. The blow would paralyze him for the rest of his life. Conrad wanted to rescue his brother, tried to beat Lucille, but she dodged the blows. She couldn't hit the target. Exhausted, he was cornered by the andriode, who, seeing him without strength, hit him hundreds of times, until he was killed.

Those who were able to escape said nothing, they did not want to be involved in what happened.

At seven o'clock that night, Alan and Connie arrived. I miss seeing the door open. When they came in, they saw a Dantean scene. Connie dropped the birthday cake she was carrying for Tyler.

Lucille was in the middle of the room, covered in blood and surrounded by all the bodies of Conrad and Tyler completely dismembered.

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