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The students of the school were euphoric watching the final game of women's soccer. The national team was playing against the rival school team. With only one minute left in the game, Alice Clark overtook the line of defense. She swiftly kicked the ball with her right leg and pushed it hard into the net. The goalkeeper couldn't stop them from scoring the winning goal. When the referee ended the game, the youngsters in the stands took to the field. Excited and cheerful, they lifted Alice up and cheered her name. Rose, one of the girls on the cheerleading team, came up and kissed her. Alice was happy, it was wonderful how her life had changed completely. Six months ago everything was different...


A fact that forever marked Alice Clark's life. At the age of two, they amputated an arm and her right leg because of meningitis. Her childhood and development was not easy. She had to learn to be strong to withstand that adversity. She was not a normal person, even though the psychologists told them otherwise. When she started high school at that prestigious school, she was a very shy, quiet girl, hardly relating to anyone. Besides, they always looked at her with pity, both students and teachers. She could feel the looks on her face, even though she was wearing a prosthesis, the lack of those parts of her body could be seen.

Six months ago, the Occinox Corporation started a special program, endorsed by the Ministry of Education, to test advanced bionic prostheses. It was the latest in technology and promised a unique experience. The solution for amputee war veterans and people who, due to an accident or illness, are missing a limb from their body. Alice was selected for the pilot program. The hope of a normal life was about to become a reality.

Occinox's team of scientists performed a small surgery to place a sensor connected to her brain that would help her control her movements. It was a breakthrough in robotic technology created by Dr. Alexander Zamesky. The adaptation was fast, she could feel the bionic prosthesis as part of her body. He was impressed by the sense of touch, it was very real. He was happy. At night, he would take them off to sleep. He would leave them in his special cases, but when he woke up, he had them in bed, next to him, hugging them. She thought she was sleepwalking, and she would hold them to sleep with her.

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Two weeks later, he was finally able to play sports. It was something he always dreamed of. It immediately caught the attention of the coaches. She had great agility, was good at volleyball and basketball, but especially at soccer. She was talented and was offered to join the team's practices. Everyone was amazed at her strength and accuracy in the game. It was at one of the friendly games with another school that she met Rose. The cheerleader and girlfriend of Mark, the captain of the rugby team. The attraction between them was instantaneous. That was a big blow to Mark. From a conservative family. He was humiliated to be abandoned by his girlfriend because of another girl. Seeing them show their love in front of everyone filled him with resentment. Meanwhile, Alice was the happy young lady at school. She went from being the shy girl who was pitied, to being popular, knowing love and receiving praise.

The teammates carried Alice into the dressing room on their shoulders, winning the final match. They were the champions. Inside they celebrated with champagne that one of the girls brought. The coach agreed to break the rule, the girls deserved it. Mercedes, the captain, reminded them that the party would be held the next day at her home. Alie waited for them all to leave, when she was all alone, her girlfriend Rose showed up. Hugs and kisses before handing over their bodies to the passion. They always did.

The hours passed and the girls continued in the lonely dressing room, lying naked. Suddenly, they opened the door wide. Both girls got scared. They were Mark, accompanied by Larry and Vernon, his two inseparable friends and members of the rugby team. They were drunk and without saying a word, went at Alice. He kicked her and removed the prosthesis from her right leg. Rose got in the way, but a punch knocked her down. Mark's friends grabbed Alice, intended to rape her, were crazy about alcohol.

You're a circus freak! Weirdo! Lesbian bitch! It was the insults Mark was shouting, while I kicked him in the abdomen. The pain made Alice squirm. She felt her arm being torn off and smashed to the ground. Teach that cripple a lesson! She thinks she's better than us! Look at her with no arms! Disgusting! Fuck her and we teach your ex-girlfriend to be a real bitch. Said the other teenagers. Mark, blind with rage, squeezed Alice's neck and lifted her up easily. The girl felt like she was losing her breath. Rose was trying to get away from the two perverts who were trying to abuse her. It was Rose's screams that gave Alice strength...

The bionic arm on the ground, activated and set in motion, with speed and force, pulled Mark by the ankle, making him fall. The leg, which had been left in a corner, rose in the air and struck Vernon's face, cracking his skull and killing him instantly. Larry tried to run away, but the metal arm went up his leg, crushed his private parts so hard that it tore them off, making him faint from pain, writhing on the floor, bleeding to death. Mark was perplexed, seeing how the prostheses seemed to have a life of their own. As he tried to get up, he felt the metal hand squeeze his neck. He was knocked unconscious, and his arm struck him hard, smashing his face and head to death.

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Rose, she had been splashed with the blood of young people and was in shock. She was screaming her head off. Stop it! Don't scream! Please. . . .don't keep shouting! Alice was begging. But her girlfriend didn't hear her. She was screaming more and more. Alice was struggling with her own mind. She didn't want to hear the screams. She couldn't control her thoughts. She couldn't control her bionic prostheses. Love! Please, I beg you... stop screaming. She said before she closed her eyes, so she wouldn't see the arm and leg beaten to death on the girl she loved.

Alice Clark woke up from surgery. Upset, she told the doctor and her parents about the strange dream she'd had. She looked at her new bionic prostheses, and she was afraid. The doctor told her not to worry, that the implant was touching some parts of her brain and dreams during surgery were very common. The girl felt calmer. She was surprised to see how she could control her mechanical limbs. I want to play sports! Her parents were crying with joy.

Dr. Alexander Zamesky was satisfied, left them alone and retired to his office. The Occinox Corporation was responsible for covering up the massacre. They even had to bribe the mayor of the city. The girl's memory of the last six months was erased and stored on the sensor. Serving as a filter and link to control her mind and the prosthetics. Zamesky was proud, his creations proved to be excellent weapons. The experiment had worked. Soon they would receive a call from the Ministry of Defense with a million dollar contract to provide the army with the lethal weapons.

Alice would be enrolled in another school, excel in sports, know love, have friends and go on with her life as if nothing had happened...


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