Sunday Reflections

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The mornings here are so incredibly peaceful and without question my favourite time of day to sit outside alone with a cup of tea and my thoughts. It always takes me back to the many years and mornings shared when my mom was still around. Every morning she would be found sitting on her chair in the furthest corner of the pool patio, having her tea and watching the birds as they came for their morning munch and bath. Jude would spend most mornings in her lap with his binoculars as she taught him who was who in the world of birds. I never disturbed the two of them as it was such a precious time spent together, but I loved watching them from a distance on the other end of the veranda.

Yesterday I came across a quote which really resonated with me...

Be proud of how you have handled this last year. The silent battles you have fought, the moments you had to humble yourself and have wiped your own tears. Celebrate your strength and resilience.

A year certainly can change a lot. I know it has for me. Today I sit in the same spot overlooking the garden and listening to the birds - only now I have nothing more than the memory of my mothers petite figure across the garden.

There have been so many moments lately where I have longed for her presence, advice and comfort and as tough as it can often be to get through such moments without her, I know she has her hands on my shoulders every step of the way.

Happy Sunday beautiful people!

Cherish every moment!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx




Hugs to you, @jaynie. It’s wonderful that you cherish such good memories, and that you feel she is with you.

Thank you hon xxx

Happy Sunday @jaynie!

These times often seem to invite reflection, and memories seem to arise naturally from there. There seems to have been so much loss in the last 18 months... treasure those memories of your mom!


There certainly has @denmarkguy and I always will, thank you. Hope you are taking care xxx

I feel you @jaynie, my mom has been gone for 12 years now, but I still miss her so much. She had such a gentle voice and such great advise, always knew how to comfort us. She just enjoyed the kids so much, when she passed, she had 18 grand children and two great grands. My mom was my best friend.
Take comfort in knowing she is always with you, she lives in your heart and soul.

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Thank you 💗🤗💗