Hello Bullies, my name is RESILIENCE!

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If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” ― Desmond Tutu

The interesting thing about RESILIENCE which most bullies don’t seem to fully grasp (or grasp at all)… is that you ADVANCE – DESPITE - ADVERSITY!

If they don't like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.

For those that have been shoved down, belittled and had their voices silenced throughout their lives, yet have managed to find a way back to their “original selves” (be it a fractured version) – there really is little to NOTHING that anyone or anything can do to break them… (nor silence them) - try as they will!

People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”
― Dan Pearce

The above quote ringing true for a lot of the sociopaths and narcissists that seem to be frequenting my space of late... much like this one...


Goodness, I know it was a great recipe, and the photography was THAT GOOD that it came under fire for plagiarism, but I am afraid you are simply going to have to wait until the "one day in the week" where we are apparently PERMITTED to "recycle posts"... that being #showcase-sunday! I can PROMISE you... I got you covered! It WILL be published this Sunday! Oh, and for the record, I never once said I was going ANYWHERE, so suck it up cupcake! You and your entourage can downvote my posts until kingdom come!

Oh @themarkymark - you are simply fucking PRECIOUS!!! You are so attention hungry it is almost endearing, but alas - just missing the "mark", thus making it completely and UTTERLY SAD!! However, not entirely surprising from somebody that puts a "THE" in front of their own fucking name! "THEJaynie" thinks you are a self absorbed, money hungry, sociopath that has a little hissy fit every time anyone takes a little TOO much of YOUR pie!

On the note of #showcase-sunday as well as the restriction of re-publishing 2+ yr old content.... WHO EXACTLY MAKES THOSE RULES... considering there are "apparently" NO "POWERS THAT BE" and this is a "completely" decentralised space.... where we DON'T get dictated to??!!!! There are a LOT of FANTASTIC content creators here, who I am SURE would LOVE to re-publish stuff they shared closer to the start of their Hive/blogging/writing journey... not to mention that social spaces are ever changing and the chances are, 90% of the people that read your content THEN, are not even around now.

But you lot are not particularly "forward thinking" are you?! Nooooo - you just like LOTS OF PIE!!! Reminds me of Cartman from SouthPark! " You can't have any cheesy poofs"! lol!

I am so sorry that you (and your ass kissing minions) found it offensive that I re-shared decent content and you can feel free to continue downvoting my perfectly legitimate CURRENT content if it makes you all feel better about yourselves! But if you think it is going to get RID of me... you are SORELY mistaken! to finish, let me just tag a few friends... SPAM ALERT - what you going to do?! Downvote me? - oh wait you already DID that! Screw YOU Mark and your little "YES MEN"!

@bluemist, @free-reign, @krazzytrukker, @equipodelta, @alexbiojs, @leveuf, @nikolina, @bozz, @eugelys, @mballesteros, @gniksivart, @old-guy-photos, @marybellrg, @thejebi, @oblivioncubed, @elisonr13, @issymarie, @chinyerevivian, @isabelpena, @zafarouk, @oneray, @betzaelcorvo, @ginbabida, @jayna, @jamilderoj, @wesphilbin, @brittandjosie, @arcange, @ninahaskin, @dexpartacus, @nelsonnils, @carn, @manorvillemike, @denmarkguy, @bdmillergallery, @darrenfj, @dulce160, @wendyth16, @joanstewart, @redheadpei, @felt.buzz, @trincowski, @davedickeyyall, @daysiselena, @popurri, @mariita52, @carolinacardoza, @justclickindiva, @oneray, @manoldonchev, @ervin-lemark, @thekittygirl, @edje, @successforall, @intothewild, @dswigle, @club12, @craigcryptoking, @uwelang, @bidesign, @felixgarciap, @sacra97, @marcybetancourt, @nathyortiz, @lymepoet, @zafarouk, @chris-uk, @pablo1601, @lighteye, @forykw, @montycashmusic, @haterslines, @cherylsonty, @kcjoe, @toyl55, @letalis-laetitia, @sgt-dan, @blueeyes8960, @hlezama, @sgbonus, @cubapl, @oblivioncubed, @im-ridd, @bigtom13, @haterslines, @girolamomarotta, @katerinaramm, @zafarouk, @idiosyncratic1, @jonsnow1983, @auelitairene, @robertandrew, @mhshoumik, @roxanavr01, @badfinger, @haterslines, @marcybetancourt, @atnep111, @novita.sari, @derekrichardson, @transmute, @razeiv, @handofzara, @davedickeyyall, @wesphilbin, @deadsparrow, @dexpartacus, @dexpartacus, @im-ridd, @zkalemiss, @thisnewgirl, @biggypauls, @handofzara, @bobskibob, @marybellrg, @fun2learn, @claudio83, @acurewa, @rilo, @drrune, @nonameslefttouse, @chekohler, @klye, @edenmichelle, @ovi1one, @darkfemme, @michaelevans, @stevenson7, @jakim7, @autobodhi, @rosanita, @motun, @dimsyto, @gorayii, @drakernoise, @lesbento, @manujune, @axeman, @empress-eremmy, @oredebby, @edenmichelle, @jakim7, @askmihai, @esthersanchez, @prechyrukky, @motun, @scubahead, @prechyrukky, @grandiosae, @darsico, @kingtamarah, @forykw, @askmihai, @seadbeady, @imabby17, @manujune, @marvic-1194, @esthersanchez, @cmplxty, @motun, @equipodelta, @richgaynor, @zkalemiss, @geyzee, @pompe72, @bonzopoe, @orlandogonzalez, @vincentnijman, @quinnertronics, @nobean, @jimmyvidal, @marlenyaragua, @ambarvegas, @rilo, @janicemars, @vicvperezdelara, @abdt, @jlsplatts, @mobi72, @semeruco, @offgridlife, @gabmr, @motun, @eve66, @auelitairene, @kneelyrac, @earthsea, @abdt, @edwardstobia, @hidave, @donatello, @seadbeady, @olgavita, @pialejoana, @bluemoon, @yazp, @zkalemiss, @deuceman, @aguadz, @manujune, @notacinephile, @soyunasantacruz, @sgerhart, @rosauradels, @necho41, @yova, @rebe.torres12, @jorgebgt, @mhsjoumik, @bntcamelo, @forykw, @axeman, @arrliinn, @richgaynor, @sajannair, @amico, @bossel, @starstrings01, @faysal72, @seckorama, @rosauradels, @priyanarc, @enginewitty, @bntcamelo, @syllem, @mafufuma, @amico, @surrealism.eth, @vaddd,

And here is a little tantaliser until Sunday....



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx





That #showcase-sunday 'event' wasn't supposed to be about copy and pasting old work into a new post. In my mind when I was explaining the concept in a post and when I came up with the #showcase-sunday tag, it was about breathing new life into old work. There are several ways one can reuse old material. For instance, if you looked at quite a few of my #showcase-sunday contributions, you'd see how I compiled several old posts into one plus added commentary at both the start and finish. Over the years I created a few different series with many episodes. Each episode was its own post but for #showcase-sunday I put all episodes into one post, then added commentary. Other times I'd simply take a few old random posts and connect them somehow into one post, and again, added commentary. Some of my contributions totaled up to 10000 words.

I did notice some using the tag on Sundays were straight copy pasting and not even mentioning the fact it's an old post. I did say that was lazy in the original post describing #showcase-sunday; I also said I'm not here to tell people how to run their blogs.

It was meant to showcase good work that went unnoticed originally, or to show it to the new sets of eyes lurking about. Or the folks shitposting all week could have made one giant decent post at the end of the week, showcasing their talents. It was never meant to be a day off with pay. But once again, I will say, I'm not here to tell people how to run their blogs.

If people continuously repost old work, all they end up doing is annoying their following. If people aren't mentioning a repost is a repost, all they're doing is misleading their following. Those are the people content creators need to respect and cherish, not annoy... but I'm not here to tell people how to run their blogs.

It's unfortunate you're getting downvoted for consistently reposting old work. To be honest I had no clue those were reposts. It's unfortunate the new work is being downvoted as well, and that doesn't make sense.

I'm not going to judge you for reposting or assume you were attempting to mislead anyone or be disrespectful. But do you want to know what I do when I got nothing in the tank and can't or don't feel like coming up with new material? I don't post.

We're allowed to take time off. I'm living proof you do not become irrelevant if you skip a few days, weeks, or even months.

I'm not sure what's happening here with you and all this drama. I don't hang out behind the scenes with anyone. To be honest, part of me doesn't give a fuck. Another part wants me to tell you to calm the fuck down. The last part wants me to tell the rest of these folks to calm the fuck down. I bet if I did any of those things then I'd get all mixed up with this drama, but I'm getting too old for that shit.

P.S. I don't use or even curate the #showcase-sunday tag anymore. It turned into something it wasn't supposed to be, I saw some get in the trouble with the local content police, then my name was brought up as if I somehow gave them permission to copy/paste, which I clearly didn't.

Not that I am in anyway insisting you read it, but perhaps the "why" I continued to post would be made clearer to you in my previous post.

Also, to clarify... just because I have a spine, and a voice - does not mean I am not calm.

Lastly. I appreciate your input but dont specifically agree with everything. Who sets out these rules, limitations and restrictions anyway?! Was there a vote I missed somewhere along the way?

During a witness chat, I once referred to "the powers that be" and was shot down from a dizzy height because THIS IS A DECENTRALISED SPACE and no one person RUNS THE SHOW.... yet we all KNEW what I meant in saying that.

I think it is ridiculous that some read worthy content that is years old cannot be republished... yet so much other crud is acceptable around here. In fact, this is the ONLY space I know of where the re-publishing of your own original works is treated like some kind of deadly sin.

Why is there not a turnaround time for things rhat can be shared again.... considering the high turnover of members Hive has....?! I would far rather enjoy a really good old piece of writing than sift through a lot of the bollocks that people here put out and call "blogging".

Who makes these decisions if nobody is "in charge"........

Anyhoooo... thanks for input and also for your generosity on the track of the week contest. It will be appreciated this week as that one got downvoted to buggerall too.

I get the part about remaining calm but still able to air a few grievances. I wasn't being dead serious when I said that calm down part.

You don't need to agree with the input, but the #showcase-sunday thing was mentioned specifically, and I'm the one who started that, so I did have some criteria and expectations to go along with it. If people disagree with that stuff then they can simply not use the tag.

As for the repeat posting. It's your blog. Do whatever you want. I agree the shelf life of content here is far too short. I know consumers don't stick around so there's always a new audience to entertain. Personally, I don't want my blog filled with reruns. And I'm well aware much of the content here is lame at times, to put it gently. That was one of the reasons why I encouraged the Showcase Sunday thing. I hate sifting through shit post after shit post; one or a few images, no words. I can't connect with pictures and no personality. So I thought *wouldn't it be cool if these folks shit posted as much as they want, then put it all into an ACTUAL post with some personality? Make it unique and stand out from the hundreds of identical posts? It was supposed to make curating and finding new people much easier, on a Sunday, when people like to be lazy. There's a difference between content creation and social media posts. Some people don't get that, and I for one am not going to "pay" for a tweet, status update, or one simple picture of the bush behind the house. If I vocalized how I truly feel, I'd be this platform's harshest critic. But I insist, I'm not here to tell people how to run their blogs. Yes, I'd much rather vote or "pay for" a well produced post. And some personality goes along way as well because if I can connect to the human, then even some of their shittiest posts are still able to entertain me. I'd say this stance is quite normal. But I don't think just because something is good or great, that I should have to see it constantly. I'd unfollow a creator who constantly reposts the same shit or variations of the same shit on repeat. Everyone wipes their ass. Sure we paint a new picture on the paper each time, but it's the same shit and it's all getting flushed. What a weird analogy.

I don't know who made the rules. It's more like an unwritten rule that's been around since the beginning. So many take advantage of the situation. Posting for rewards instead of people is fucking easy. A band will play the same songs to a new audience every week. People pay at the door before even hearing the performance. VERY similar to the auto votes here. But if those people found out the performer is just sitting on stage while their track plays in the background, they'd want their money back. I think it's lazy to repost and collect auto votes, so I don't do it. I also think that's taking advantage of curators who trust me to perform at my best, so I don't repost constantly. That doesn't mean these are the rules. That's just how I roll. If I want to attract attention to old work, I can, easily, and I've done it plenty of times. If people want to tip, they can. This platforms lacks actual consumers though. Everyone came here to get paid, not pay people. I've been pointing out the lack of consumers for years.

As for the music contest. That bonus prize was short lived. I said I'd split my winnings for the next three rounds. That was four rounds ago. I think it's ridiculous they would downvote that post. If the reposts are the problem, focus on those. The rest of this flexing can fuck off.


I concur on all counts.

Maybe it will get better.

@offgridlife creativity is coming up with new things, not posting the same shit endlessly.

You cry a lot.

I loved the Showcase-Sunday when you came up with the idea. But I mostly stopped using it for similar reasons.

Ok @jaynie . I am no minion :) my personal stake is higher than Marky. With that out of the way.... can we all take it down a few notches? Please?

Why re-post stuff jaynie? I know you for a while... and you don’t need to do this stuff. If you like to re-post, please decline rewards. I know that you don’t absolutely need it. You are just making a point... but please... these are all nice people.. and no one is oppressed here. Please this is not needed.

"You know I dont need it". I am afraid you are mistaken. As for the opression part... I think you may want to open your eyes. Try challenging any one of the individuals that has downvoted me in the last 24 hrs. Do something that "bucks the system" and then come back and tell me that we are not sitting under the thumb of a clique.

Ok. I will take your word for it. You are saying you "need" the reward. Fine. Just post new content and you will be rewarded.

You blog you choice of course! But our rewards our choices too :)

Please jaynie, downvote are neither personal nor oppressive. They are just reward disagreement in most cases. All I am saying there is no need to post old content for rewards.

Also, I know these people personally... folks who downvoted you. They are wonderful individuals just like yourself. Often times when we become keyboard warriors we forget there is a human being on the other side too. They are just family members/women just like you. I am looking jaynie... and I assure you there is no oppression. Please go ask some of your close friends ... maybe even ask on your discord... there is a chance someone will know me and maybe can tell that I am not lying. Maybe they can assure you that I am legitimate.

We are in this together and we need friendship and positivity. Have a Merry Christmas!

All I am saying there is no need to post old content for rewards.

As for content that is valuable I can sort of disagree with this. Hive is always getting new users. It takes time to scroll back and read post from 8 months ago.

The problem is not so much the rewards, the problem is the curation auto voters that give out the reward. If all, (which I know is an impossibility), were done manually then this would not even be an issue.

It there were no autovoters following her content then the only votes she would get would be from new users. A short solution would be for the auto voters to check a list of accounts that are known re-posters and not vote on them.

However, we do have autovotes. Until we execute a hard fork they are not going away, if at all. So it's a moot point isn't it?

It is, as is the reposting of content. I do not think auto votes need to go away, but to place blame on a person that repost and then gets a lot of rewards is not right. The person re-posting is not at fault for the excessive rewards. Having them state it is a re-post is not going to stop the auto votes from rolling in.

Excessive rewards can only be placed on one group, and that is the individuals voting via auto votes.


I used to support you. Not anymore. This is beyond drama and opinion. I can't handle it.


This entire post is a fucking joke.

You got caught reposting stuff for months, according to @hivewatchers.

You know what's even more precious? The fact that many people in your "community" serve as curators in many different places in Hive. Yet, they are against that sort of behavior. However, you seem to get a pass. Fucking hypocrites.

But hey, not like they read anything around here anyways. You get huge ass comments saying they are word for word reposts, and people be like "wtf is going on?"

So much for being "creative". You can't even repackage your posts into something original.

You know what upsets me more than shitty whales on this platform?

Shitty "community leaders" who feel like they should be above others while talking about the shitty whales.

Pot. Meet Kettle.

There's no resilience here. Just entitlement.

You remember the part where the posts were copied and pasted verbatim? Yes - me too. What is your point?!

Good content, worthy of a re-read. In fact, the comments speak for the public appeal for such.

Beats 90% of the crud you and your mates spew out. "Watch me play THIS game for 45 min".

I dont even know who you are... but you are such a bitter and miserable individual. Everywhere i have ever seen you and your comments, you are causing kak. I have no interest in engaging with your sorry arse

Good content, worthy of a re-read. In fact, the comments speak for the public appeal for such.

How difficult is it to use the fucking tip feature?

Are you that technologically inept?

Everywhere I go, I speak my mind. Today, I speak about you. It's just not what you want to read.

Beats 90% of the crud you and your mates spew out. "Watch me play THIS game for 45 min".

Case and point. You don't read shit yourself.

I don't pretend to be a content creator like the most of you.

I cant hear you, could you up the arrogance a little?!

I can never top yours.


@enforcer48 I remember jaynie from back in the days when she came into the chats pretending to be a spreader of love and joy, except when it comes to men. And yes, she is a giant hypocrite. She's on the same level of hipocrisy as travel-girl.

How is it that me and you didn't make that list?

I guess we are just not important.

Damn, I had hopes there for a moment,...

Yikes! This reeks of entitlement. You need to be refreshed with Reward Pool 101.

Entitlement is what blonde white women know best.

Is this some Karen shit? 😱

Most definitely.

Oh great, just what Hive needs, more drama. The fact is that we are tiny and cannot really afford to have internal fights between people who probably all want pretty much the same thing, for it to succeed. Both sides may be making far more than the average user, but not actually getting rich from it.

I'm not taking sides, but can't we just get along? Let's all be honest, polite and retain some integrity. Anyone coming in and seeing this is not going to be impressed.

Recycling content is controversial, but given we can only earn from a post for a week I can see reasons to do it. Just admit it's been posted before. People get to decide if it deserves more votes, but I realise a lot of votes are automated. Plenty of people exploit that.

Anyway, happy Christmas.

I'm not taking sides, but can't we just get along? Let's all be honest, polite and retain some integrity. Anyone coming in and seeing this is not going to be impressed.

That can only happen when we have respect for eachother, and the reward pool.

Recycling content is controversial, but given we can only earn from a post for a week I can see reasons to do it. Just admit it's been posted before.

Recycling is ofcourse not a problem. SImply state at the start of the post or even better, in the title, its a recycle. Its as simple as that. I dont want to blame anybody, but those who recycle a lot and not making any mention of it, usually do it for a reason. Espcially those with large value of auto voters {still not blaming anynody, but just something I learned in the last 4 years I've been with the community}

I would never have said a word about them expressing their disapproval on the re-posts but I also won't get walked over or silenced...having every single post I create now, downvoted to nothing just because "they can".

Hope you have a great Xmas too.

We surely do love meatloaf and happy fun times over at https://blurt.world

Just kinda how we roll.

BTW zomg such awesome looking meatloaf.

Hahaha love it. Definitely plan to pop over and check it now... and what are the views on cross posting? Because I am not writing double content.... suppose I could just recycle posts a few more times lol!!!

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Wow, several downvotes...

Hello @jaynie. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Welcome to the club, lol!


For the record, I hope you keep posting original stuff and this all blows over.

They haven't managed to shut me up yet...

Hello @jaynie I am very sorry for this inconvenience, what an unpleasant discomfort and in these dates worse.

But I have learned something in your publication, I did not know that it was allowed to recycle some publication, you mention that it must be at least two years old.

Well I don't have that time in the blockchain but just as you mention to me if I would like to republish some of my posts that I consider have quality to toast again, as well as I would like to read good posts of the people that I follow before I came to this world.

I understand that rules must exist and there must be people to watch over them, but if there is an exception to the rule that is allowed to be used, I would use it.

I say goodbye, hoping that tempers will subside and that we can all set the best example for our virtual home, the beehive.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Thank you for your input on that - no doubt many others share your sentiment.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too. Xxx

Excellent! There are people who believe they own something because they have a share of power! Cheers..

Always.... :)

Glad to see you're not going anywhere, but PHC is a sad story. I get why they flagged you on a few of those, but others were unnecessary and outright uncalled for. Usually, you would get a warning before all that stupid drama, so I'm guessing they needed a target to 'make an example of' as it has been awhile since there were any major issues with that. I love meatloaf though, I may have to copy it. 🤣

at least 3 of her last 7 posts were reposts. I stopped digging there.

Many more so it seems. Many years already as per Hivewatchers research. Thanks for uncovering.

I found a lot, but I quit when I saw so many in her last 7 posts.

I think one of the biggest problems is that people want a curation reward, and they want some decent content to read and view.

If the Auto Vote users had a list of content recyclers then the only votes that individual would ever get would be from new voters or friend voters. If the vote was to big from a friend, then a down vote to adjust the reward would maybe be called for.

If the auto voters did not waste votes of recycled content then there would be more quality content possibly rising to the top of the chain.

I have long since had a target on my back. Guess my voice is a little too annoying ;)

As for the recycled posts... and like I said above:

I think it is ridiculous that some read worthy content that is years old cannot be republished... yet so much other crud is acceptable around here. In fact, this is the ONLY space I know of where the re-publishing of your own original works is treated like some kind of deadly sin.

Why is there not a turnaround time for things that can be shared again.... considering the high turnover of members Hive has....?! I would far rather enjoy a really good old piece of writing than sift through a lot of the bollocks that people here put out and call "blogging".

Who makes these decisions / rules if nobody is "in charge"........

Thanks for the tag, I don't often get involved in the drama! I do lend my DV power to projects I think would use it wisely and I have to say they've done a lot of good with that DV power overall. No one can keep track of all their delegations and auto trails and what they do, that would be insane, if we did that I am sure everyone would be guilty of supporting shit

Can't argue with that... but they do often tend to get a little carried away with their little DV rampages which some people have felt the wrath of for months on end and for no good reason... and I am certain plenty would testify to that.

I don't doubt that I've seen a few fallouts, I've even been downvoted for following those trails. Just wanted to say I have nothing against you or your content, just supporting a project thats all

I know that- but thanks for clarifying nonetheless.

well.. i havent a clue what all this is about... my time on hive is very little these days.. lifes been busy, and since the hardfork i just cant seem to get on with it..

and, I don't really understand it.

I hear you.

I feel that it is time to create some kind of written document talking about reposting, previous warnings, punishment with downvotes, and if it is okay to give them to the original content.

And well ... Merry Christmas!

Lol you too hon xxx

Reposting old content is not allowed on Hive. You are not exempt from that rule @jaynie

Stop trying to justify it.

Another beautiful creative soul destroyed by Hive.... @jaynie .... all the Creative people have moved to Blurt.... all the artists, musicians, photographers, writers. Https://Blurt.blog

Terrible trigger discipline!

Also don't point guns at things you don't intend to kill..

And if you are going to an hero atleast do it by hanging so you don't mess up that pretty face. <3

(Don't an hero, that was not advice to do so)

Lol!!!! MWAH!!

That was a good new years eve...

May I ask you why you included so many HIVE users in your post using the account tags?

I was one of the first to downvote you and you forgot to mention me in your 7th grade rant. I feel left out.

Guao, guao.. en Venezuela diríamos "esto pica y se extiende".

A mí me gustaría saber, ¿quiénes ponen las reglas? porque he visto "reglas" absurdas.

Por supuesto, yo no soy nadie. Yo pertenezco a eso que llaman plancton y que sirve para que ballenas engorden.

Alguien me puede indicar dónde está el manual de reglamentos y quiénes lo redactaron? Yo conozco muchos intelectuales, abogados y profesores universitarios que me pueden ayudar a entenderlo... si es que mi intelecto no me alcanza.

No me gusta la falsa moral y aquí rueda bastante!

Reciban todos mi saludo y espero que las terminologías se aclaren para el bien común.

Un fuerte abrazo @jaynie!

Beautifull girl

The blatant violation of gun safety in the cover image is pure cringe.

It’s ironic you use bully in your post considering so many have come forth saying you have threatened to have whales flag them.

You should be careful of your minions and the lies they spew. Never forget that the underdog is always hungrier.

I have no minions, I am here alone and it wasn’t me they came to, I just heard about it and saw your recycling.

But of course St. Mark

Just Marky is fine.

Is that your slightly less self absorbed alt?

I rarely ever talk about myself. Not adsorbed at all. My username was a random set of words that wasn’t taken. My names not even Mark. But do go on, it’s fascinating.

An explanation... Cute. As surprising as this may be to you, I have no interest in talking with or about you.

Thanks for popping by "Just Marky"... it was almost entertaining. Hope you have yourself a wonderful Xmas.

@themarkymark not only does she threaten people with whales, but she also likes to run to community leaders to get people muted if they disagree with her.