❤ Happy Monday Beautiful Peeps ❤

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It is not your job to be everything to everyone and do everything for everyone.

So here it is... the beginning of a new week and back to work for most. We are still up at my dads place and will probably be here for a while yet, although I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of things, here on Hive as well as with design work and some of the other stuff I have been getting involved with over the last couple of months.

The start to this new year will prove to be rather different for me as I no longer have any of the Hive community obligations which I had taken on for the last 3+ years and despite that fact that there seem a few disgruntled emotions toward me for making such a decision as well as for doing it so abruptly - the majority of you have been incredibly supportive, understanding and enormously positive for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Me personally, I am looking forward to the change and the journey ahead.

Just going to do ME for a change. On that note, I am still deciding whether or not to continue the Track of the Week contest, as some of you may have noticed that I didn't put one out last Friday. I will see how I feel a little closer to this coming Friday and will pick it up where I left off (if I do go ahead with it). Perhaps your input would sway my decision making, lol.

Until then, I am going to be enjoying the last of the holidays and putting my creative cap back on!

Recognise what is important to you and create boundaries without feeling guilty or rude.


May your days be filled with Love, Passion and Gratitude!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx




Discovering knowing what you want and discovering what's important to you is a great step to start the new year

I thought so too :) Thanks!

You've definitely got to spend some time to focus on yourself! You can't help anyone else if you're not in the spot for it.

Remember, you're the best you've ever had!

Ain't that the truth!!! MWAH!!!

It is not bad to think of oneself before the rest, even for a few moments. It helps us to find ourselves and know what we really want.

These have been hard days and you deserve both physical and emotional rest. The new beginnings will come, I am sure, they will be full of all that beautiful energy in you, honey.

I'm so glad you're well and getting back on track with peace of mind.

You did a great job and the decisions you had to make, I am sure they were well thought out. Many don't understand, there will come a time when they must.

A big hug and my love, accompanied by best wishes and good vibes for you, dear @jaynie. 💖😙🤗😊

You always have the wisest of words hon, thank you! I am very grateful to have your support and kindness alongside me - it means the world to me!

Be sure to have fun in whatever you do, family comes first always...

Absolutely and thank you Joan xxx

It makes me very happy to know that you are having fun, in every picture you share I notice the joy of the people around you and I know it is your same joy flowing all over the place.

I can't thank you enough for all the good energy and hard work you did at PHC, being a pioneer of the twitter movement and the search for engagement among users.

I love you very much beautiful blondie. Be happy <3

A big hug and a glass of wine! (lol)


That ME time is doing wonders I promise and we compared skies this morning and that clear blue is the best medicine to the best feeling of being alive. And if it’s not this Friday we always have next Friday for tracks !

But just a Dutch beauty for fun and the good old days

If it feels right, then you are doing the right thing! Leaders often end up sacrificing their own priorities and feeling hollowed out. You just have this one life, and you should be doing what fulfills you. I support you 100%!