A little seaside suburb with a lot of history...

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About a 5 minute drive from my dads place is a little coastal suburb called Onrus. This morning we decided to get out if the house for a little bit and take a drive and a bit of a walk along the coastline.

Onrus is an incredibly quaint little place which holds plenty of history for me as many many moons ago my dad built one of his first properties there which ultimately became our holiday house.

We spent countless December holidays there growing up, so there are many fond memories! Things like 10 man tents in the back garden with all my brothers and their mates, UB40 blaring, trips to the beach on the back of motorbikes, smoking beedies haha and a whole lot more!




Even though we are not allowed on the actual beach or the rocks, it was still wonderful to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the surrounds!

Not sure what the flowers on the bench were representative of... but I hope it was not for somebody passing.



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx




Beautiful landscapes that lead us to happy times. It is always nice to return to those places and feel those feelings of joy for those times. Thank you for sharing, I especially loved the last picture. The detail of the flowers on the bench makes it different and special. A hug, dear @jaynie. Happy midweek.🤗😙😊💖

It certainly was lovely to visit there again. We took a drive past the old house too. Still looks pretty much the same surprisingly. Thanks for stopping by honey. Hope you are having a great day too! xoxo

How crazy that we can only look at the beach from a distance. I stayed in Hermanus for a few weeks on a few occasions and went cycling all around the area. Onrus is a nice hidden beach.

Craziness indeed!!!!! But something is better than nothing I suppose! I have always loved Onrus - there is something very magical about that place. Hope you are well otherwise and a belated Happy New year too!

Wonderful landscapes with the sea, very cool. The sea and stones are similar to the Spanish coast Asturias, Playa de Gueirua. There are also many stones in front of the sea and they come out of the water. Not so long ago I made a post about this place
How is life in Cape Town, South Africa?

We have so many contrasting costlines here in the Western Cape. Some sandy, some rocky, some boulders... its fascinating.

Life is good but we are back to level 3 lockdown which is unfortunate.

Seems everyone is going back into lockdown.

Yes. I wish you an early release and full freedom! And in creativity too. Everything will be fine very soon, I have already been informed...))

Thanks for the positive vibes! :)

Good luck:))

I love the sea, I could see it for a whole day and night and I would never get tired, it is adorable the view that you show us in the images, thank you and what a pleasure to greet you and wish you a Happy new year.

A very happy new year to you too love! I hope you are well!!!

What a beautiful morning for a walk among the memories. I hope the flowers aren't for someone who passed, but, then again, there are some things I do when I go visit my dad at the cemetery. One is to get a cup of Starbucks and talk with him. Nowadays he speaks to my heart, always worthy of that drive and coffee.

It was a day to touch the heart and grab a little bit of that sunshine.

What a lovely tradition and sentiment!!! I often find myself talking to my mom too :)

Love you!

It looks lovely... Oh UB40..... Those old times... Thanks for the reminder Jaynie

And thanks for stopping by sweetie xxx

The flowers were for me :)

xoxoxoxo and well deserved xoxoxoxoxo

Fantastic vacation place, for sure! It must be a great place for you to be right now, to kick back and relax. Hopefully Jude is having just as good a time!