The night the Deities came to Attack

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The night the Deities came to Attack

Oh how I remember that evening well. It was a day much like any other. But except that, I ate a fish that tastes weird. To settle my stomach I went for a walk along the beach.

I fell asleep on the beach to the sound of distant whales, when then at midnight the ocean tide stopped, the sky turned black, and when I open my eyes there they stood, an endless sea of deities around me.

Where was I, what happened to me, was I dreaming, was it dreaming me?

Questions raced through my mind, as their hands descended and rip me apart.

It turns out I ate their magic carp.

Photos I've taken while the presence of colorful beings.


  • I'm very happy with the way this particular Picture turned out though a bit sad I don't have a flash.


  • This is a photo of Ms. Margo looking totally epic


  • This is a photo of Miss Jessica also looking very stoically epic


  • I love the way the blue pops with the darkness of the night


  • Sort of like the suicide squad for fairy princesses


  • Really wishing I had a flash to capture the darkness of the eyes


  • This was part of a fashion show on the beach late one night


  • Such a fun while Crew I think


  • This one I felt epic the light radiating from behind


  • Perhaps too much blue or not enough blue, or just the right amount?

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these fun photos or perhaps that silly tale I told way up Before. :D

Have a great day and be amazing.


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