Nonstop Rain - LIKE FOR REAL SON~

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Nonstop Rain - LIKE FOR REAL SON~

Here in central Vietnam it's been raining lately. Correction, it's been raining nonstop with no end in sight. Just take a look at the weather forecast for the next seven days.


That was taken today. And mind you this is not some little tiny misting or overcast, OH HELLLL NO. This is like monsoon rain nonstop, 24/7.

Today as I was feeling very anxious and crazy, I jumped on my bike and rode in this downpour an hour south to Hoi An. The old town was flooded so I took some photos.

Here they are hope you enjoy!

this is a picture looking at old town in the rain.

excuse the blurriness with this water ox while they looked small from a distance, when you drive past it was the size of a small car.

This is the old town bridge water levels are superhigh

looking out over centuries the swirling storm clouds grew

I drove to the rice fields a little in the pathways were almost submerged

this is my friend's bar as well, normally they are busy but today nothing

lol, me looking crazy outside my friend's house letting him know I was there and text message

I hope you found some of these photos worthy of a smile or curiosity. I hope you travel far and often travel my friends.




Travel Photos:@RoamingSparrow
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Thanks for reading my post, you inspire me to keep posting!

Thank you for your support!


that's a lot of rainfall sent it to me for 1 day please like that's gonna work anyway thanks for updating me on what going down in central Vietnam

I'll talk to the boys upstairs and see if they can send you At least one of these days of rain. :D lol

Feel free to send me some of that rain :p
Like 4 days please. Keep the rest.

Okay I'll put an order in with our chef and we will send it over to you right away. Four days of brainstorm coming soon, or Should I say coming monsoon (lol).

Haha! Good one :D

Did you capture a UFO on film? 🤔🛸

There's no way that this is a cloud.

Oh man, I did not even see that... Totally like the giant behemoth of a starship lowering out of the sky. Perhaps they are what is causing the rain?


As much as I wish that be the case as it would be wicked cool and make for an awesome blog post!!! I'm afraid the answer is a bit more benign.

This picture was taken When I was having copy with a friend, I was looking out of the window. What you see is the reflection of Vietnamese Lantern. I happen have a picture of the very same lanterns that were being reflected.


They do look like some wicked cool starships though...
Perhaps that wasn't a reflection and it was a starship?

Either way great eyes on you!

That's good news!!!

Now I can put my tinfoil hat back in the closet.

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