Nighttime party people having nighttime party fun

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Nighttime party people having nighttime party fun

If you've never been out at night to a beachside party, I think you'll enjoy these photos. Because they were taken at the nighttime beachside party. What I enjoy doing was taking photos of people. Yes, the party people at the party.

Some of their expressions were fun, I think some of them were on drugs or drunk... But no matter what the reason they were all having such a great time.

Below you'll find images and pictures they took just of the people at the party.

Please note I do not have a flash on my camera, so my settings had to be pretty extreme with the ISO... Please excuse the noise.


  • These two are in a band together, she's from Mongolia and can shoot arrows from a horse. OMG!


  • This is one of the epic DJs throwing down beats all night this little glowing dome


  • Here we are a bit more up close and personal with them


  • I'm not sure who the lady is, but the other gentleman is one of my friends who I performed with in an African circus!


  • This is my good friend Jackie, she's an artist and performer!


  • This be Juliet, she is pretty awesome and does great drawings.


  • Not quite sure who these lovely ladies are but they laughed when I sat down took their picture


  • Another one of the evening partygoers Enjoying the delicious Huda beer


  • Our friend Jill looking quite shocked.. lol


  • I thought this one looked quite nice I like the use of light, really need to get a flash.


  • I'm not too sure who this gentleman is, but he was having such a great time!


  • These two are fellow teachers at a school that I work at, I did not know that, but they knew that...


  • All the love.. all. the. love.

I hope you enjoyed some of these photos. :)
thanks for taking the time to take a look.


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