Do you know what DBuzz is?

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Do you know what D.Buzz is?

Microblogging short-form content delivered in a strong 280 characters. That is what D.Buzz is.

But why is a service like this valuable?

Lets talk..

First, however, full disclosure, I do work with the @dbuzz team writing articles and making graphics and t-shirts. This has given me insight into the project and the pros and cons of a platform like this.

Let's talk about the Cons first, the bad parts.

From the feedback I have read, there seem to be a few points that people have contention with.

  1. People are concerned about Spamming on the HIVE network
  2. People think that short-form content is not viable.
  3. People think that some will abuse the platform to farm the rewards pool.

Before getting into the Pro's, I would like to talk about the three negative points above.

People are concerned about Spamming on the HIVE network

I can see this as a concern.

When Communities were pitched as being released soon, the idea is that you'd need to be subscribed to the Community, in able to see the community's post, unless of course that post was reblogged. However, after the rollout, for whatever reasons, the frontends didn't implement it that way, so we are left with communities that don't really offer a novel use case. So for that reason, posts ARE visible, even though you are not subscribed.

This is one of the reasons D.Buzz experienced backlash, D.Buzz thought you had to be subscribed to a community to view posts from it. Only after rollout did they discover this was not the case.

People think that short-form content is not viable.

Yea, posts like "Sup" and ":P" in short form platforms are not useful. I would argue, however, that short-form content is very useful in the modern world. I will talk about that more below.

People think that some will abuse the platform to farm the rewards pool.

If there is money on the table, people will find ways to abuse the system to get more. That is just a fact of life. :/ However, DBuzz has limited the number of "buzz's" someone can do per day and earn from. You can post as many Buzz's you want. However, you will only make HIVE on the first 8.

That earning is also caped to $1 per buzz. So, you can make about $8 on all your buzzes in a 24 hr block of time per day.

What are the Pros about a short from the content on the Blockchain?

Censorship resistant content.

To me, this is the most significant feature of DBUZZ. You can edit and remove your content, but, unlike twitter, @Dbuzz can not take down your posts. This feature is HUGE.

Resistant to corporate data breaches.

We all know about the recent Bitcoin scam acted out on Twitter recently. The hack happened as (I believe) Twitter, the company, got hacked, not each account. So, with DBUZZ, they don't (repeat - D.Buzz, DOES NOT) keep your keys, you do... so unless your personal account gets hacked (Because YOU gave out your keys). We won't see a breach like on twitter.

Again, That is fantastic.

Short-form content for organizational reasons.

I do not post a lot, or any short-form content myself. No. But I do see the value in it, like during the Arab Spring uprising. Activists used Twitter to organize and to spread quick news, updates, and such.

With corporations like twitter getting into bed with governments, we will see more censoring of content. Events like the Arab Spring could experience censorship before it happens in the future. I believe it's essential to have tools to facilitate the rapid spread of content, set up, and established that won't get taken down with a government order.

Yes, it is helpful to earn a little.

I won't gloss over this. It is nice to have a small income from posting your ideas and content. A micro passive stream of income is great. It can help a lot of people.

Well, there you have it. These are my reasons for liking this platform.

What are your thoughts?

Till next time.

Keep rocking.


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Interesting and useful information, I never tried it but at least now I know. Thank you.

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