Midwinter and VVS!

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Hey, hey, hey! Let the short films continue!

First I want to address a terrible issue. VVS! Take a look at this educational short film that explains it all. And please, after the video, when you know the scale of the issue, please do try to avoid it. Please! PLEASE!!

I couldn't agree more. VVS people just do not know what they are doing. How wrong it is! Do not be like them. Be a normal, caring person!

Unless of course if you are very, very, very skilled professional. And know how to shoot a proper vertical video. Exceptions can be made if you know what you are doing and have an eye to fill the empty space and not let anyone ever again disappear from the video because they are moving too fast for you and you poor thing chose to capture them with a vertical video.

So think long and hard, do you have the gift of shooting awesome footage for vertical videos? If not, turn your camera back the way it belongs and do not even think about going back.

That was a cute couple.

Here's more cute couples!

Cats. Cute cats! Furious cats.

And other furry and furious creatures!

This creature just wants to be left alone to mind their own business and cherish their treasures.

It's time for the last short movie and what better way to end this all than with a nice, peaceful garden party full of heartwarming frogs.


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