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What a month

The one behind us and the one ahead.

I started a new old job, I started a new new job, I continued my old new job, I went to the ER, and other things happened, too.

The new old job is the one from the video above, with my performance around the 7 minute mark. I perform at Madcap Motel. We had our dress rehearsal 13 months ago, then it shut down for pandemic reasons, and we just opened this past weekend with limited capacity to allow distancing.

The new new job is as a host for Wise Guys Events, the same company that I performed at Heritage Scare for a few years ago, leading interactive puzzles and riddles in a virtual format for groups and parties.

The old new job, that I've been doing since the beginning of the pandemic, is as an announcer and tech for CSz High School League shows. Speaking of ComedySportz, my May performance schedule hasn't come out yet, but you can know as soon as I know by checking out the Twitter feed on the left side of my website:

And the day we had dress rehearsal for the new old job this time around (Madcap) I performed through abdominal pains that varied in severity all the way up to the pain rating I had during appendicitis. Not good. Suspecting diverticulitis, the day after rehearsal I went to the regular doctor who sent me to the ER who found out I had a rare condition called epiploic appendagitis. Not fun, but ultimately easily resolved. I'm 90% better now.

Other things surely happened this month, but you'll have to ask me very specific questions me to find out what.


Loved the madcap motel performance man. You gave it everything, which is class 👏

Thanx, punster!

Old new job, as long as you are fine with it ;). I don't even have a job anymore lol.

I'm just swinging by here to leave a thanks for the SBI units for the HivePud. Appreciated :).

Now get better the other 10% and see ya around :).

You're welcome!

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