Shooting around my dormitory

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Hi everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to show you the photos I took in the dorm I live in now. Here are the photo.


As a student with a religious background, in Yogyakarta I lived in a dormitory provided by the head of my study program. In the dormitory we studied classical religious books and carried out routine worship activities. During the current pandemic, many students have not returned to the dormitories. Therefore, our dorm looks deserted.

![img_0.49964718642547556.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ![img_0.8629434776756908.jpg]() --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The name of our hostel is LSQ Ar-rahmah. Located on Jl, imogiri timur, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Our dormitory is located in the countryside, therefore you can see a lot of rice fields that surround our hostel. But this is very fun, because there are many swamp fish in the fields such as snakehead fish, catfish, eels and others. In addition, we can see firsthand how the rice paddy is harvested from the start is planted until the rice is ready for harvest.

![img_0.18703327087843782.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ![img_0.9623942101410659.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is another photo I took. **the photos taked by : xiomi redmi not 9 pro** **Location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia** **Edited on : adobe lightroom**




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